Anderson sets high standards

This letter of endorsement is written for Bruce Anderson, who is running for the position of county commissioner in Sherburne County.

I have known Bruce for some 40 years, and have followed his career from the time he was a high school student and athlete at the Elk River Senior High to his long and successful career in the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department. I supported Bruce when he ran for sheriff and watched him make that department the premier law enforcement department in the state of Minnesota.

What you get with Bruce is simply the best this area has to offer. Bruce works hard, sets high standards for himself and for those who work with him. His honesty and integrity were well known and he expected no less from those he worked with. During his years as sheriff he was a leader in the field. If you were looking for a model for a public servant, he is it.

I attended his retirement ceremony several years ago and watched in amazement as every branch of law enforcement honored him. I think he ranks as one of the top employees Sherburne County has ever had.

When Bruce was sheriff, I would talk with him often. He was always helpful to the school system and more than willing to help in any way possible. I know that he was a leader in keeping crime and problems out of the Sherburne County Schools.

I was surprised to hear that Bruce was running for a county commissioner seat. I expected to hear that he was active but I didn’t think we would be so lucky as to have him continue in county government

If elected, we will find that Bruce will make an excellent commissioner. Bruce will work for county government like he did in law enforcement. He will strive to make Sherburne County the best local government unit around.

Bruce was at the top of any list of successful Elk River graduates. He was at the top of the list of great Minnesota sheriffs and I have no reason to believe that he won’t rise to the top of great county commissioners. — Ronald E. Gaarder, Elk River (Editor’s note: Gaarder is a retired Elk River secondary principal.