Pop-up bike lane demo got some use

Managing Editor

by Jim Boyle
The city of Elk River’s attempt to show off what a pop-up bike lane would look like on the day of a farmers market in downtown Elk River turned out to be much more than that.

Marty and Dave Raymond took advantage of the pop-up bike demonstration on June 14.

Even though the main intention of the bike lane set up from 2-6 p.m. May 15 was to demonstrate the possibility of having on-street bike lanes, some bikers actually utilized the bike lane when they commuted to attend the farmers market, according to Tam Nguyen, a GreenCorps member working on behalf of the city.

Some bicyclists even gave the feedback on how to improve the project.

Among those to access the pop-up bike route demonstration on June 15 in downtown Elk River were parents and their children. The demonstration was held from 2 to 6 p.m. during the Farmer’s Market. City officials are looking at making streets more accessible to non-motorized transportation.

For example, one biker shared that the 5 feet wide placement of the cones seemed to be a little narrower than the actual width because the style of delineators used. Another bicyclist remarked that she would like to see striped bike lanes on city roads for bike commuters and thought that the event was a good start to make future, permanent bike lane projects possible.
The city of Elk River’s Environmental Division is looking for insight on how to make Elk River streets more accessible for non-motorized methods of transportation.

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Some riders even gave the city feedback on how to implement pop-up routes.
Pop-up bike lanes or temporary bike lanes are increasing in popularity across U.S. cities. They allow bikers and others to share roads.

The goal is to support travelers in cars, on foot, on bikes and other methods of transportation throughout Elk River to ensure everyone has equal and safe access to the local businesses and amenities.

Pop-up bike lanes or temporary bike lanes are increasing in popularity across U.S. cities.