2017 Medallion Hunt Info

(2016 Medallion Hunt can be found here.)

The $500 Medallion was found by Jeremy Smith of Ramsey in Highland Park soon after the 5th clue and hint were released on Wednesday morning. The Medallion was hidden at the base of a small oak sapling tucked under the mat of grass.

$100 Contest Selfies

Jeremy Smith (middle) found the 2017 Shiver Elk River Medallion Wednesday morning. Ronald Metzger, (left) and Jacob Folkeringa, (right), were searching with Jeremy. You can still win $100 by finding the Medallion’s hiding spot. See next week’s Star News for the complete Medallion story and explanations of the all the Clues and Hints.
Jeremy Smith (middle) found the 2017 Shiver Elk River Medallion Wednesday morning. Ronald Metzger, (left) and Jacob Folkeringa, (right), were searching with Jeremy.

Clue 1:

This 2nd Medallion Hunt is part of the Chamber’s Shiver Elk River event.
Sponsors Shiver Elk River, Star News and First National Bank of Elk River present
$500 to the lucky winner who proves
To be a master seeker through and through.
Beginning Sunday, watch for more daily clues
But before you take off on the shivery hunt, let’s go over the rules.

For this adventure look high and low, parks and public land adjacent you go.
Many hiding spots exist within Elk River proper,
but view the clues and hints and you can prosper.
Use rakes and hoes and hand tools for moving snow and ice.
Please remember, no shoveling or digging of turf — to our city’s grounds be nice.
One last thing to keep in mind during your quest:
Check the daily hints at elkriver.bank before taking a guess.

Hint 1:


This is the medallion for which you look
Don’t forget to check each cranny and nook

Clue and Hint #1 were setting the rules and showing the hunters what the medallion looks like. The Medallion was wrapped in a page of the Star News before hiding so the shine from its smooth surface would not give it away easily. All the Clues were found at erstarnews.com – the Star News website. All the Hints that aided in explaining the clues were provided at elkriver.bank – the First National Bank of Elk River website.

Clue 2:

Medallion hunters, set your sights,
First on Adam’s ale, at elevated heights
No Roosevelt presiding over you this year
90 degrees of linking chain gets you to the right sphere –
Your trek is beginning, from this point you steer.

Little posts number two times two
Their colors not Red, Green, or Blue
Instead they shine in 255, 255, oh
Also as Rocket Man’s farewell road.

Hint 2:

U C, R hints are meant to help you:
A city park starts the searching venue.
Come upon a sign of restoration
Look to the west and concentrate there for the duration.

Adam’s Ale is another term for “water,” so “elevated heights” is referring to a water tower. But unlike last year, the water tower that gets you to the right park to start your searching does not have an elk on it. Roosevelt is a common species of American elk. Next to the elk-less water tower is a triangle-shaped chain-link fenced area which is next to the “sphere”-shaped tower.

In front of the water tower building are four big yellow posts. 255-255-0 is the RGB value for yellow. (Hence the capitalized “Red, Green, Blue” for RGB.) Further clarification that the post color is yellow comes from the Rocket Man (Elton John) “farewell” song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

Within the daily hint, UCR is an acronym for University of California-Riverside. The UCR nickname is the Highlanders. This is an early nod to the medallion’s hiding spot at Highland Park.

The sign along the walking trail to the eastern parts of Highland Park touts the wildlife and plants that are part of the parks system Restoration Project. If you see that sign, you should turn and head to the west side of the park.

Clue 3:

8 clumps to inscribe gets you on the right trail
5 chances to rest, 2 others to nourish — so you can prevail.
From road, great views of huge precious stones
A lumberjack’s work that Marilyn condones.
As you power forward, don’t forget what history teaches
Standing alone is Naismith’s vessel for peaches.

Hint 3:

Trees, benches, tables, poles
All things together get you closer to the goal.

“8 clumps to inscribe” refers to the eight clumps of birch trees along Auburn Street in Highland Park West. Inscribe means to write, which you can do on white birch.

“5 chances to rest, 2 others to nourish” means that Highland Park West has 5 benches and 2 picnic tables.

The next two lines give clues to the power poles, visible from Auburn Street and inside Highland Park. They have wooden supports (“lumberjack’s work”) between the poles that form big diamond shapes. Marilyn Monroe was famous for singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”

“Power forward” gives a clue to basketball. James Naismith was credited with inventing basketball by tacking a peach crate to a wall. Highland Park has one basketball hoop.

Clue 4:

A quatern streaking east and west
Will make squares in the blue along your quest.
A key to location lies in hair coloration
dblone, nruaub, lbakc, ronbw, hwite, yarg

Hint 4:

For today’s clue in the second medallion year,
The total of a quatern poem will help get you near.
As for the scrambles, be aware:
look only to the mixed-up reddish hair.

A quatern poem is made up of 4 sets of 4 lines = 16 lines total. There are 16 power lines on the 2 sets of power poles going east and west along the north side of Highland Park. The power lines that intersect those 16 lines, going north and south, create “squares” (definition of a square can be a square or rectangular shape) if you look up into the sky where they cross just past the tennis courts.
Today’s hint points to the second word in the world scramble—“auburn” as an important location. Auburn Street intersects Highland Park.

Clue 5:

For a starting place, Gàidhealtachd should have you inspired
No ghillie brogues, sporrans, or belted plaids required.
Bituminous stroll ends and trail begins
Logs in sight should bring big grins.
Perhaps Raphael and Michelangelo had a lively debate
About pepperoni vs. cheese below this out-of-place grate.

Hint 5:

A searching tip that we recommend:
Street shoes to start, hiking boots to end.

This day is further pointing to Highland Park. “Gàidhealtachd” is a name for the Scottish Highlands. Ghillie brogues, sporrans, and belted plaids are clothing worn by the natives of the Scottish Highlands to reinforce in which city park to start your search. “Bituminous” is another word for asphalt or the paved walking path. Along with the hint, this tells you that you should extend your search past the paved walking path. In this area, there are several big logs on the ground.

Following the main trail into the open area, you will see a sewer grate to your left which is 80 to 100 feet from the medallion’s hiding spot. Raphael and Michelangelo refers to two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who were known for eating pizza and lived in the sewers.

Clue 6:

Notice the large tree on the knob that reaches straight down
Don’t touch it; instead, look close around.
Along the lighter trail, a sprig may still boast leafy brown
And sports around its stem a Hawaiian dance gown.

Hint 6:

Not deep in the woods should your efforts be centered
But rather out in the open should you be oriented.

Walking out past the paved trail, about 50 yards on the right is one of the biggest trees in view on the edge of the woods. This tree has a large branch that is splintered high up and hangs straight to the ground.

On the higher mound with the splintered branch is a small oak sapling that still has many of its brown leaves intact. The “Hawaiian dance gown” (grass skirt) refers to the base of this sapling that has a heavy mat of long grass. The medallion is tucked under the mat of grass.

The hint instructs you to concentrate in the area that is out by the walking trails rather than the in the heavy wooded area on the other side of the splintered tree.

Clue 7:

By now you should know to start at the Scottish high ground
Past the cone and equipment, hiding places abound.
Through the trees a trail takes you exploring out in the open
The high ground to the right is a good place for poking.
The tree that branches straight down is the landmark to see
A little way further, find a sapling just above your knee.

Hint 7:

Auburn Road is the place to park
West is the direction to embark.
Under a grassy-base sapling the medallion is disguised
If there it still remains, you can win the prize.

Today’s clue and hint describe the park in which to start your search and reiterate that you need to follow the paved trail to the hiking paths west of the park equipment. The “cone” refers to the cone-shaped climbing ropes by the swings. If the medallion was still unfound by Clue & Hint #7, it wouldn’t be for long, with these final pieces of the puzzle.

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