Scheunemann Tax Services

As tax time approaches, Minnesotans have no choice but to once again focus on that time-consuming and often stressful task of accounting for financial activities for the entire previous year.

But with effective preparation before tax time, April 15 doesn’t have to be so threatening. Having a year-long, well-prepared plan in place is the best way to make the most of tax savings within the laws and to minimize your tax burden — to make sure you keep more of what you make.

Specialists like Roger Scheunemann CPA can help make sense of the complicated, and ever-changing, federal and state tax laws, that make preparing returns challenging for most people. Scheunemann can work with individuals, families and businesses to develop a broader financial game plan and a plan for record keeping,  to reduce stress at tax time and potentially lessen your tax burden.

In addition to preparing taxes, Scheunemann offers a broad array of accounting services from estate and succession planning to setting up and establishing an accounting system for businesses.

For over 30 years Scheunemann has been providing exceptional accounting services to the north metro area. He prides himself on giving each of his clients undivided attention. He is there to provide guidance and to answer questions, not only at tax time, but throughout the entire year.