Pet Food Etc.

PetFoodEtc_1Chris Brown might be the northwest metro area’s version of Dr. Doolittle. He has been working in local pet food stores since he was 16 years old. And while he maybe hasn’t mastered the trick of getting pets to talk back to him (except the occasional parrot), he has gained a valuable understanding of what pets and pet owners like, in their food, supplements and play things.

Chris opened his second Pet Food Etc. store a few months ago, in Coon Rapids, at 117 85th Ave. (Target mall). His first store is in Rogers at 14192 Northdale Blvd., just off Highway 101.

The stores specialize in carrying a complete supply of nutritional food and supplies for a variety of pets: dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, reptiles, you name it. The stores carry over 40 brands of pet food and offer a low price guarantee.

PetFoodEtc_2Proper nutrition plays a key role in a long, healthy life for your dog, cat or other pet. Just like humans, paying attention to the content of their food can be essential in maintaining your pet’s energy level and in disease prevention.

Pet Food Etc. offers a full range of food for every pet’s unique dietary needs and every pet owner’s pocketbook. The stores offer the accessibility, service and ease of shopping of your neighborhood pet store but also the volume and selection of a big box store.