Mulching Mania

09Beautifying your land is an easy, stress-free task when the experts at Mulching Mania handle the job.  The family owned company provides efficient and cost effective land clearing, brush removal and lot beautification throughout Minnesota. The professionally trained equipment operators at Mulching Mania provide quick and easy work of all job sizes.

06We service the Twin Cities area and your hunting property up north!

Making your land more useable for greater enjoyment and value is an important step for many Minnesota homeowners. Expand your yard for family  recreation. Whether it’s your primary residence or a vacation or hunting property, the Minnesota Mulching team can handle the job in a safe and environmentally friendly manner with minimal disturbance to the ground.

We can enhance your view, remove invasive species, decrease fire danger or build a plot for your vegetable or flower garden, saving time to get to the real joy of gardening.  Or thin out species such as buckthorn in forested areas to improve the health of other vegetation and promote its growth.

Some of the benefits of using Mulching Mania:

• No more chipping, hauling and dumping of debris
• Low ground pressure
• No root damage to remaining trees
• No soil rutting, erosion and run-off problems associated with conventional land clearing methods
• No-burning – no fire risk or smoke pollution

02Owner Jason Leibold has a reputation of always putting his customers first. He wants the landowner to be totally satisfied with the end result. Jason will always give his honest, professional opinion on all jobs. He will guide the customer to get the best views and enhancements for their property.

01Jason attended Central Lakes College for Landscaping and started Jay’s Tree Care LLC in 2001 and Mulching Mania LLC in 2008. He currently operates both companies throughout Central Minnesota. He received his ISA Certification in June 2008 and was a 9 year member of the Minnesota National Guard. Jason and his wife Tammie live in Royalton and have three sons.

Please give Jason a call at 218-316-1534 for an estimate today or visit our for more info.