Knutson Roofing

image4It’s a feature of the house that many of us take for granted until there is a leak, or a shingle falls off or a big storm arrives. It’s one of the most visible features of the house and covers more surface area than any other component. And it’s one that homeowners rely on for protection.

Of course, we’re referring to the roof. They come in all sizes, styles and pitches, but there’s no mistake about the fact that fixing, replacing and maintaining them is a craft. It’s an avocation that Jack Knutson of Knutson Roofing in Champlin has dedicated his career to. Knutson has over 25 years of experience in the trade and has mastered every roofing application.

image1Knutson’s experience began in the mid 1970′s, working for his father’s successful remodeling business. He took a liking to the roofing part early on because it was something he did well and his dad trusted him to do a good job. Knutson’s dad would always say, “That roof is going to be tested every time it rains or snows” or “I don’t care how long it takes, just do it right.”

Knutson worked for several large roofing companies after college, learning a great deal about flashing and sheet metal, and picking up excellent techniques and applications. Trade seminars and continuing field and classroom education each year enabled him to hone his skills.

Today Knutson is on the job site for each roofing job. He works with only one crew and believes the “hands on” approach is the best way to install a perfect, error-free roof every time.

dscf0003Knutson not only guarantees a perfect roof, but also promises to show up on time (most roofs are completed in one day), do a perfect clean up, and thoroughly protect your home and landscape.

Many roofs have been damaged by hail storms in the past five years. Homeowners insurance, in many cases, will pay for the replacement of the entire roof. Knutson will gladly meet the insurance adjuster on the roof.

Knutson Roofing & Siding…

We require no money down. Our belief is that when you do a perfect job in a timely manner, the customer is always happy to pay.

We are fully licensed and insured. We always surpass state building code requirements on every job and never do a job without a building permit.

  • Owner on site
  •  Certified installers
  • Transferable warranties
  •  No money down
  • Free estimates
  • Friendly service

We install only the best UL Listed proven quality materials, and our methods are tried and true. Our applications are always above code requirements!

  •  Ice and water shield 3′ past all heated wall lines and on garages
  • Color clad, factory painted galvanized steel vents, valleys, and sewer pipe flashing
  • Painted metal drip edges
  • Blind sealed, bird proof vents
  • Dog eared valleys
  •  Ridge vent installations whenever possible
  • We paint all furnace flues and flashings to match
  • Our roofs look better and last longer!
  • We protect your home and landscape with protective tarps
  • Plywood barriers
  •  Strategies for hauling debris
  • We are efficient, clean, and we are professional.