WeCare Dental – It’s All In A Name!

WeCare DentalDid you grow up feeling guilty about eating candy?  I loved the stuff so much that I’d sneak a piece at every opportunity, hiding the empty wrappers deep in the cushions of furniture or in a dark corner.  My guilt changed to fear and anxiety when Mom decided she’d found too many empty candy wrappers and hauled me off for a visit to the dentist.

As an adult I still get sweaty palms just dialing the phone to set up an appointment at the dentist’s office, knowing I’m in for an embarrassing experience.  I know I’ll feel humiliated admitting that my oral hygiene practice has been less than stellar and oh the guilt that comes flooding back about my continued love affair with all things sweet.

The staff at WeCare Dental got involved in naming “WeCare” because they understand how anxious all candyholics can feel about going to the dentist.  Our clinic’s name is meant to signal that our dental staff understand the importance of taking their patient’s feelings seriously, delivering comfortable care without creating guilt about those excessive candy binges or lack of flossing and brushing.

When you visit our clinic at 2147 Northdale Boulevard NW in Coon Rapids you’ll feel pampered with care and impressed with the professional concern as WeCare  addresses your oral healthcare needs.

If you, like me are the kind of person who finds excuses not to visit a dentist, let WeCare’s top-notch staff help you ease into a visit.  Stop by for a complimentary consultation with our dentist, Dr. Acosta.  She’ll take the time to explain how comfortable we can make you while providing excellence in dental care.

So no excuses in the new year; aim your first resolution at taking care of you by meeting the staff at WeCare Dental Northdale … remember it’s all in a name.


Next week’s topic:   Are dentures in your future?

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