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19449 Evans St NW, Suite A, Elk River • 763-241-5393 • With over 13 years' experience, Dr. Schneider is the area’s most experienced A.R.T. provider. A.R.T. is a soft tissue management system used to treat the scar tissue that develops within and around muscles, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, migraines, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, neck pain and back pain are only a few of the many conditions that can be helped with A.R.T. Scar tissue can be present with or without traumatic injury. Freeing these tissues to move without the restrictions of scar tissue can help alleviate many of your symptoms. A.R.T. can be the answer for just about any injury, as there is a treatment protocol for almost every area of the body.

My pain started 30 years ago when I suffered an array of injuries while playing college hockey. Then a few years later, I had a major car accident where I fractured four vertebrae, wrenched my left hip and had a bad whiplash injury. Over time, I learned to deal with the pain. I was able to work around the pain and make it through the day with either medication or ice. I needed to be able to move in order to pursue my love of golf, as I am a golf instructor. You see, I usually play over 100 rounds of golf a year and give over 2,000 lessons. Just when I finally thought it couldn’t get any worse, about three years ago I got hit from behind by a golf cart and developed a serious sciatic problem. I was out of commission for weeks, but I forced myself to return to work and golf through all of the pain. Apparently walking to protect my left leg was the last straw for my back. The last two years were almost unbearable, as I had constant pain in my low back and pain down my left leg depending on what I was doing. It was hard to go to work when I knew it was only going to make me hurt even worse, plus I wasn’t even able to enjoy my favorite pastime. Any golfer knows that playing bad golf isn’t very fun when you know your pain is costing you strokes every round. It’s hard to be an effective instructor when you can hardly move and show off the proper swing.

Golftec instructor Jeff Orthun gives a golf lesson at Golfsmith in Minnetonka.

I teach many Medical Doctors and Chiropractors, every one of them tried to help me in some way. In the last two years alone, I have seen five different Chiropractors, two Medical Doctors and even a famous orthopedic surgeon who shot my hip up three times with an assortment of steroids and painkillers. Nothing worked for more than a short period of time.

Then my luck finally changed, Dr. Jeff and his wife, Liann, became clients of mine. Unfortunately, I had to cancel one of their first lessons because I was in so much pain I couldn’t even get out of bed that morning. They rescheduled for the following week, and when they showed up, I still couldn’t stand up straight due to the pain. They told me I really needed to come to Hillside Chiropractic and see him. At first, I told them I had already tried everything possible. They told me to check out their website and see how much different Dr. Jeff’s Active Release Technique (ART) treatments are. I checked out the site and figured I’d give it one more try. Dr. Jeff was unlike all the others, confident that he could help the problem as he explained to me how my body was full of scar tissue that was causing all this pain. Sure enough, after the first treatment, I could stand up straight. Within a week, I felt better than I had in over three years. Now I feel better than I have in thirty years! I am happy to say that in December, I spent eight days playing at least 36 holes of golf every day in Scottsdale. In fact, I played 65 holes on the last day without my back becoming an issue. That is simply amazing. Even some of my clients have been asking me what I did different. I can’t believe how giving Dr. Jeff a lesson would change my life and give me back my enjoyment of golf. It’s incredible to shoot the scores I remember shooting before all this pain took over my life. I would recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone living with chronic pain. Believe me when I tell you that what he does isn’t like other doctors.~ Jeff Orthun, Anoka

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