Domino’s Pizza Delivers an Elk River Tradition

Domino’s pizza is located at 18157 Carson Ct. Suite F, Elk River, MN 55330. Order by calling 763-441-6500 or online at

Domino’s Pizza in Elk River is a long-standing pizza delivery tradition in the community, says General Manager Peggy Brende.  “Our affordable, quality pizza is legendary for its timely delivery,” she adds.

The pizzeria has been in Elk River for over 20 years, currently employs around 17 people and is open for orders every day of the year.

Brende has been a general manager for Domino’s Pizza since 1994 and has served at five locations in Minnesota, coming to run the Elk River shop four years ago.

Last year, they moved to their new location just south of Walgreens at 18157 Carson Court, Suite F, in Elk River.

Domino’s pizza comes fresh out of the oven every time.

Brende says their most popular pizza is the old standby of pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and cheese, now appropriately referred to as America’s Favorite Feast on the menu, but Domino’s doesn’t only deal standard flavors.  They offer a wide range of choices for every taste and liking with over 24 toppings including Philly Steak and BBQ Sauce.

Domino’s pizza comes fresh out of the oven every time.

New products for 2012 include their stuffed cheesy bread, described as “cheese, cheese, and more cheese,” that comes plain or with spinach and feta or smoked bacon and jalapeño peppers.  Also new are their Parmesan bread bites, which are bite-sized breadsticks sprinkled with Parmesan and Asiago cheese and seasoned with garlic and more Parmesan.  Desert comes with your choice of Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes and Cinna Stix, washed down with Coke and Sprite products in two liter or 20 ounce bottles.

Domino’s dedication to customer service is apparent in their goal of delivering an order 30 minutes after a customer has called.  “We get the pizza in the oven in under two minutes after the phone hangs up,” Brende said, “and our drivers are expected to pull out of the parking lot 10 minutes after the order has been placed.”  She says that this gives the drivers more time on the road, which ensures safe delivery.

Brende says that they have great customers in Elk River.  “Our patrons are so friendly, outgoing, and polite and they’re very community oriented.”  She added that customers regularly participate in Domino’s fundraisers with generous donations that go to community needs.

General Manager Peggy Brende shows how a Domino’s Pizza takes shape in Elk River.

“We really feel we are a special part of the community,” Brende said, “and are excited to continue offering Elk River the same unmatched quality and customer service.”

Domino’s prides itself in quality, affordable pizza and exceptional customer service.

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