Christ-Centered-Relationship-Driven Now Serving 3 Locations!

Wow! Another year, another almanac and yet another praise report about our Lord! Every year, as we ponder and look back at the past year to report to you what is happening, we stand in reverence for what our heavenly Father continues to do in and through His business.

This year is no different.

As a business and as individuals we have been a part of something that has been truly transformational. On the individual level we have faced some of the most enormous physical health challenges amongst a wide portion of our employees.

We have faced the fear of the unknown together with prayer and supplication and always in hope that God will answer the prayer in a way that suits our desires.

We have watched the mighty hand of God restore, repair and heal them. But we have also had to watch some of our loved ones go home to be with our Father, always wondering — Why?

Why was that prayer not answered like the others? It is in these times that we come together to encourage and lift one another up in the truth.

The truth that tells us there is so much more than what is here and what is now. This earth is merely a stepping stone to the ultimate place we are meant to be.

And so it is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye to some of our loved friends and family this year knowing that we are the only ones mourning because for those who know and serve Christ they are in His loving arms dancing for joy! Hallelujah!

We also have been blessed to have had an addition to our immediate family. Little Nasiyah Eliana Powell was born a year ago and has been a most joyous addition to our family. She is teaching us a whole new meaning to life and staying focused on what is important in the midst of the world pulling in all different directions. She is teaching us the meaning of life and how to stay focused.

We are learning how to manage busyness by letting go of control, which is never an easy lesson. Joy and pain, trials and triumphs all equal and lead to strength and perseverance in our Lord Jesus, which creates the character He is looking to build in each one of us (Romans 5:3-5).

Now, on a business level we have also been challenged by God! He gave us an opportunity to acquire ANOTHER NEW STORE. We are now located in Monticello at CornerStone Chevrolet (Formerly Gould Chevrolet), 3939 Chelsea Rd. W, Monticello, MN 55362.

This is so amazing and we are so excited to see what God has planned for these three locations. We have learned quickly that when much is given, much is required … time, energy, patience, endurance, perseverance, and strength of character, all of which has been and continues to be challenged.

We are humans working for the King and to do so means we must be honoring of Him in all we do. He is quick to discipline when we slip from grace, but just as quick to give mercy when we repent and turn from the wrong direction and turn back toward Him.

We are most honored to be His hands and feet in these new communities and we look forward to getting to know them and work with them in more ways than cars, such as events like Feed My Starving Children food drives.

Keep your eyes open for one coming in your area. We will need all the volunteers we can get to serve as many in need as possible.

These new locations mean a lot more help for you. No matter which one you live closer to, you can inquire about all the domestic brands from any location. We are now able to supply and service your high line vehicle needs as well.

At our Plymouth location we specialize in used and slightly used high line vehicles such as, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi and Acura, most of which are under factory warranty.

Whatever your passion, we can help. Another huge benefit is that you can get quality service at any one of our three locations no matter what make or model you drive.

Convenience for you, service you can trust from people who care about you and your vehicle. We truly are honored by you and your service.

When you allow us the opportunity to work with you and show you that we are a different type of auto store, we are blessed and God is honored (Phil. 2:3-4). We will work to provide the quality that measures up to His standards, that is what you deserve. The important word here is work — we are a work in progress, we haven’t arrived but we are growing more like Him as we continue to look to Him for our example. We will make mistakes but we will be accountable to those we work with to rise up and correct those mistakes (Phil. 3:12-14).

It is because of His DNA that doing business with us is different. We know that because of Him you are valuable. How we treat you, is how we treat Him (Matthew 25:40).

We feel God wants us to be more, to do more and to reach more for His Glory, and we do this by relating to more people in ways that matter.

Our Mission Statement is:
CornerStone Auto Resource believes that our top priority is the relationship between us and our customers. We choose to place their needs above our own, and we will work hard to provide them with the best customer service. They honor us by allowing us to service them and all their vehicle needs.
RELATIONSHIP: We Believe that our relationship with one another and our customer base is our top priority.
HONESTY: We Believe that all relationships must be built on truth.
INTEGRITY: We Believe that our word is our promise.
RESPECT: We Believe that it is important to respect each other for who we are and the unique gifts, talents and insights we bring to the table.
Morning Prayer is open to all at 8:30 a.m. or you can leave prayer requests with our receptionist, she will get them to our prayer intercessor and we will be in prayer with you, or you can check out our website and click on the prayer request link, which will be set up very soon.

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