Police report: Under-bleacher thief, Elk painted rival’s colors before battle, pumpkin vandals target mailboxes

Thief ransacks purse from under bleachers
The victim of a theft believes the thief reached into her purse from the underside of the bleachers and took an iPhone and cash while she was attending a soccer game in Elk River, Kluntz said.
A Zimmerman woman reported the theft to Elk River Police at 9:15 p.m. Oct. 3. It happened at the Elk River football field, 900 School St.
The thief left a Samsung Galaxy S7 behind.

Elk painted rival’s colors before battle
The rivalry between Elk River and Rogers football programs could be seen and heard well before the two teams took to the field on Oct. 6 for the Royals’ upset win.

Submitted photo
The elk on the varsity football field was spray painted the night before the Elks’ big football game in Rogers. A similar act took place in Rogers that same night to a large rock in front of Rogers High School.

The bronze elk on the varsity football field, which rotates between there and in front of Elk River High School, was spray painted Rogers Royals’ colors, while the giant rock in front of Rogers High School was painted Elk River Elks’ colors.
Elk River High School administrators reported the incident to police, but no suspects have been found.
Activities Director Mike Cunningham said this act went too far, and he certainly doesn’t want it to happen again.
“It could have been a lot worse,” he said. “When things start to get damaged, it’s not good.”
The paint came off, but it took the renting of a power washer and three hours of work to clean it off, and the Elk lost some of the sheen that appears over time with the bronze statue.
Elk River Police say they treat such shenanigans as criminal damage to property, recognizing even if the paint comes off it takes time and money to restore it.
Cunningham knows the rivalry won’t go away, but asks that those hyped up by it use their heads and stay out of trouble.

Driver who thought he was in St. Paul cited
Police arrested a man for DWI after finding him slumped over the center console and into the front passenger floor of his red Pontiac Sunfire.
Police located the man after responding at 1:35 a.m. Oct. 9 to a report of a vehicle off the road near Highway 10 and Simonet Drive in Elk River. The driver woke after police pounded on the windows for several minutes. He told police he thought he was in St. Paul.
He was arrested and booked into the Sherburne County Jail in Elk River for DWI.

Pumpkin vandals target mailboxes
A woman in the 12000 block of Ridgewood Drive in Elk River reported Oct. 8 that a pumpkin was thrown at her mailbox overnight, causing the pole to shift slightly.
Kluntz said several other mailboxes the Ridgewood Drive area were also damaged by pumpkin-throwing vandals.

Unresponsive driver gets a DWI
Police arrested a Chesapeake, Va., man, 26, for DWI after he was passed out behind the wheel of a white BMW, which was parked near the car wash at Beaudry Express, 610 Proctor Ave., at 12:56 a.m. Oct. 8.
The BMW was held at the Elk River Police Department for forfeiture.

Two cited after driver runs red light
Two people were cited for drug-related violations after a driver ran a red light at Upland Avenue and Highway 10 in Elk River.
An officer in the area stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver, a St. Paul woman, 22, for failing to obey a semaphore and possession of drug paraphernalia.
The passenger, an Elk River woman, 22, was arrested for fifth-degree controlled substance possession and possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Car hits two vehicles, rolls over on Main
A car struck two unoccupied parked vehicles and rolled over in the 900 block of Main Street in Elk River at 4:40 p.m. Oct. 4.
The driver was an Otsego woman, 61.

Man doesn’t get far with fake $20 bill
A man unsuccessfully attempted to exchange what turned out to be a counterfeit $20 bill for two $10 bills Oct. 4 at a business in Elk River.
The $20 was obviously fake and was retained by the business.
The man left in a vehicle. Elk River Police Capt Bob Kluntz said the suspect is a Minneapolis man, 61.
Police mailed the counterfeit $20 to the Secret Service.

Man cited after he takes woman’s bike
A man, 28, allegedly stole a woman’s bike and was seen traveling east on Business Center Drive from Joplin Street.
The suspect and the missing bike were located at Orono Park, where the man was arrested for theft, issued a citation and booked into the Sherburne County Jail in Elk River as he has no permanent address, according to the Elk River Police report.

Rock-throwing woman arrested for assault
An Andover woman, 42, was arrested for domestic assault after fighting with a man, 35, at an Elk River business on Dodge Avenue.
A witness reported that the woman was throwing rocks at the man.

Driver flees scene of two-car crash
The driver of a car involved in a two-vehicle crash in Elk River fled the scene.
Police were called to the accident at Highway 169 and 193rd Avenue at 8:14 p.m. Oct. 6.
The owner of the car advised police that no one was supposed to be using the car. A suspect was contacted, but denied using the vehicle.