He’s standing for anthem, loving God

I sure won’t pretend to know the depth of the issues, pain and hurt in athletes and folks at sporting events such as the NFL who kneel rather than stand for the national anthem, just as I don’t know the depth of the issues, pain and hurt in those who do indeed stand. In my heart there are both kneeling and standing patriots among them all, and a loving Father God who is reaching for each one regardless of posture.

And, you know, I can do what I did during pregame Monday Night Football. Instead of sitting on my comfy couch like I usually do, coffee and munchies at the ready during the national anthem being played on television, I did this.

I got up off the couch when the national anthem was sung by Jordin Sparks, one hand on my heart to honor our country, the flag and all those who protect us from overseas and those who keep us safe in our communities.

And with my other hand raised in prayer towards my television, I blessed all of those athletes with a prayer for their peace, that they all be comforted, and that they all can grasp the knowledge that the undying love of God is impartial, redeeming and equal to all who believe. His grace abounds over us as individuals and as a country.

We all lack perfection here, but he doesn’t. And in the mighty name of Jesus we all need to experience his forgiveness, love and grace together somehow in this great nation of his and ours. — Marty Benson, Elk River