Use added caution now that children are in school

I would like to remind my fellow drivers of two mistakes that are easily made, especially now that our children are walking to school.

When most of us are trying to make a right turn on red, we look to the left, anticipating our chance to make our turn. But have you actually looked to the right to check for pedestrians crossing in front of you? I didn’t look right one time and had a close call with children walking their bikes in the crosswalk in front of me.

The other mistake often made is believing that it is legal to pass on the right when the car in front of you is making a left turn. It is never legal to cross the white fog line along the shoulder of the road, the only time drivers can pass on the right, is if there is a designated bypass lane. When I need to make a left turn on a busy road, almost every time I get passed on the right. It’s unnerving to be in a car wondering if another driver passing on the right, without slowing down, might rear end me. Often times these drivers focused on passing don’t see the pedestrians walking on the shoulder, or other cars pulling out from the right.

Can we all slow down so the near misses don’t become a tragedy? — Denise Hively, Elk River