The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on August 22, 2017, at the Sherburne County Government Center in the City of Elk River, Minnesota with all Commissioners present. Call to order by the Chair was at 9:00 a.m. followed by a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Petersen/Schmiesing unanimous to approve the agenda for August 22, 2017 as presented.

Fobbe/Schmiesing unanimous to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:

1) Approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of August 1, 2017 as presented.

2) Approve the Workshop Meeting Minutes of August 1, 2017, as presented.

3) Approve the Gifts to Individuals Policy as presented and on file in the County Administration Office.

4) Approve appointment to the County Water Plan Advisory Committee as follows: Scott Ruiter, Member at Large; Michael Niziolek, Member at Large Alternate; Vicky MacGlover, Member at Large Alternate. The term is three years for each committee member starting August of 2017.

5) Approve Resolution #082217-AD-1790 submittal of an Economic Assistance Program application through the Federal EDA to assist with infrastructure improvements in the Becker Industrial Park.

6) Approve 2018 Public Transportation Funding for bus operation support for public transportation provided by Tri-County Action Program, Inc. in Sherburne County in the amount of $26,325.00 with funds to be taken from Acct. # 11-430-760-6160-6050.

7) Approve Resolution of support in Palmer Wirelesss application to the State Border-to-Border Broadband Development Program.

8) Approve revisions to the Sherburne County Personnel Rules and Policies Chapter 7.2.3 PTO Eligibility and Scheduling as presented and on file in the County Administration Office.

9) Accept the July 2017 Auditor-Treasurers report as presented.

10) Approve temporary liquor license for Clear Lake Lions, pending approval of background check and approval from the State and authorize the Auditor/Treasurer signature on said application.

11) Approve Proclamation of August as Breastfeeding Awareness Month in Sherburne County.

12) Approve the reclassification of a full-time position from Account Technician (pay grade 8) to Accounting Specialist (pay grade 10) in the Health and Human Services Department noting the position has been submitted to Springsted for review and the Human Resources Director has been involved in this process.

13) Approve final Contract payment for the installation of HSIP funded LED Stop Signs and authorize the final payment to Jaak, Inc. in the amount of $431.00; Project No.s: SP71-070-034 and SP 71-070-035.

14) Approve the purchase of three 2018 Chevrolet 2500 trucks and associated equipment for an estimated cost of $105,000 noting this is a budgeted project request with funds to be taken from Account #03-316-312-0000-6660.

15) Approve out of state travel for Russ Heiling and Brian Lord to attend the Autodesk University Conference November 13th to 17th in Clark County, Nevada. This training is critical for engineering to keep up with the design and construction projects that require the latest software. Funds have been budgeted for this training.

16) Approve Resolution #082217-AD-1792 to request MnDOT to complete a speed zone study for County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 5, from Glenwood Avenue to County Road 75 for a total length of 2.5 miles.

17) Approve a third 30-day extension of a medical leave for a Sheriff/Jail employee; extension to end on September 25, 2017, or sooner contingent upon additional medical information.

18) Approve Resolution #082217-AD-1791 acceptance of the annual State County Veterans Service Office Operational Grant in the amount of $15,000. This is an annual grant from the MN Department of Veterans Affairs to assist in County outreach efforts to our County Veterans.

19) Approve the Planning & Zoning Departments application for the MPCA Base Grant for $18,600 and the SSTS Incentive Grant for $3,000 and the SSTS Low-income Fix-up Grant for $40,000.

20) Approve the Registered Land Survey Administrative Split in Sec 3, Twp 34, Rge 29 Clear Lake Township for G. Stimmler and R. Kampmeier-Trustee.

21) Approve Resolution #082217-AD-1789 adopting provisions in Section 272.162 which allows for County Zoning review of land transfers before the County Auditor releases for recording.

22) Accept Manual & Commissioner Warrants as follows:

August 11, 2017 Commissioner Warrants- $3,502,088.56

August 14, 2017 Manual Warrants – $1,970,270.24

August 4, 2017 Commissioner Warrants – $782,525.80

July 28, 2017 Commissioner Warrant – $686,178.65

July 28, 2017 Manual Warrants – $116,186.88

August 9, 2017 Manual Warrants OBO P-card – $82,107.72

August 9, 2017 Commissioner Warrants – $12,500.00

August 4, 2017 Commissioner Warrant $10,950.00

August 11, 2017 Manual Warrants – $5,528.00

August 7, 2017 Manual Warrant – $4,873.25

July 31, 2017 Manual Warrants – $1,379.75

23) Accept payment of August 1, 2017 HHS OBO Warrants in the amount of $4,405.23.

24) Accept payment of August 3, 2017 HHS OBO Warrants in the amount of $44,061.75.

There were no announcements.

Tammy Bigelow, HR Director, introduced Emily Scharber, the Countys new Human Resources Coordinator. The Board welcomed Emily and wished her well in her position.

Dan Weber, Assistant County Administrator, was present to request authorization for payment of Annexation Fee. Dolan/Fobbe unanimous to authorize payment of the annexation fee for the sale of Lots 1, 2 & 3 of Block 1, Sherburne County Public Safety Addition in the amount of $5,070.00.

Dr. Richard Lee, Executive Director, Central MN Mental Health Center, was present to discuss the restructure of the Central MN Mental Health Center Governance Board. Schmiesing/Fobbe unanimous to approve the adoption of the Central MN Mental Health Center Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Amended Bylaws on file in the Health and Human Services Department.

The Chair requested individuals to sign up for the public hearing for clean out of Ditch #15. Michael Lindenau, Ditch Inspector, identified that the process began with a request for clean out of a portion of Ditch 15. He completed a field visit to the site and agreed that the ditch did require a clean out. He identified it was more cost effective to clean the entirety of the ditch (only one mobilization fee and a better price per lineal foot on a bigger project.) The purpose of the Public Hearing was to ensure that all benefitted property owners had an opportunity to voice their opinion prior to receiving direction from the Ditch Authority. The Ditch Authority has the responsibility to maintain the ditch. At 9:23 a.m., the Chair opened the Public Hearing. Diane Arnold read a letter from Helen & Bonnie Landowski, 6532 47th Street SE, St. Cloud, MN who did not believe they benefitted from the clean out of Ditch 15. Terry Polfuss, 5314 114th Avenue, Clear Lake, MN He was not in favor of the clean out because of the downstream effects of the silt and impact on the lake quality downstream. He had walked the ditch and the sedimentation ponds were not functional. He said the last time the ditch was dug, it had a devastating impact. Tim and Sheileen Sakry, 15940 41st St., Becker, MN Both were in favor of the ditch clean out. They have sought clean out for 4 years. The ditch is backing up and their land is getting wetter and wetter. He is no longer able to hay the land. The concept of cleaning a portion of the ditch will create more issues and creates a basin for the water to stay on the lands. Mrs. Sakry concurred with the opinion. Rodney Kozak, 8047 47th Street SE, St. Cloud, MN The ditch is over 100 years old. It runs through his land and he is the largest landowner on the ditch. He is in favor of the clean out of the entire ditch. Linda Kozak She wants maintenance of ditch as the fields are getting wetter. A future clean out will not be a cheaper alternative. Emery and Kathleen LaPointe, 18294 Naples Street NW, Elk River, MN Both sought to clean out whole ditch to ensure it flows properly, otherwise it will create pockets with the water flow. Mrs. LaPointe said the north end is getting worse and they are unable to get into the area for walking. Pamela Kozak, 6747 40th Street SE, St. Cloud, MN She wants to have the whole ditch cleaned out. To spot clean is a problem. There being no further comments, the Chair closed the Public Hearing at 9:35 a.m.

Michael Lindenau, Ditch and Drainage Technician, was present to give the June & July 2017 Ditch Report. Commissioner Fobbe asked for more information on Ditch 15. Michael Lindenau reported: it has been 10 years since the last work besides the removal of beaver dams which is an ongoing issue. When the river is high, the silt backflows into the ditch. It is more cost effective to clean the entirety of the ditch. Schmiesing/Fobbe to approve the cleanout of County Ditch No. 15 with the condition precedent that the environmental permits are procured prior to the clean out. Lindenau identified that he would submit the permit applications and target the late fall or winter for the clean out. The ground had to be frozen to sustain the weight of the machinery needed for the clean out. Motion carried with Commissioner Burandt voting nay.

Diane Arnold, Auditor/Treasurer, was present to discuss setting 2018 County Drainage Ditch Assessments. Schmiesing/Dolan unanimous to approve the listing of assessments for county ditch project expenses to be billed to properties benefiting from ditch as prepared by the Auditor/Treasurer and set the terms at: 1 year for assessments $100 or less; 3 years for assessments $100.01 to $1,000.00; 5 years for assessments $1,000.01 and over, plus interest at the rate of .981%, which is the average rate of return on county investments for the year through July 31st.

David Roedel, Assistant Public Works Director, was present to discuss Alive Church Turn Lane Improvements on CSAH 11. Dolan/Schmiesing unanimous to approve an Agreement (on file in the Public Works Department) with Alive Church for turn lane improvements on CSAH 11.

David Roedel, Assistant Public Works Director, was present to discuss a license agreement to allow a Rain Garden in Right of Way. Fobbe/Dolan unanimous to approve and sign a license agreement to allow landowner to construct a rain garden and rain drainage system in the road right of way for CSAH 15.

David Roedel, Assistant Public Works Director, was present to discuss a Service Agreement with Braun Intertec for Soil Investigation and Roadway Analysis. Schmiesing/Dolan unanimous to approve a service agreement with Braun Intertec in the amount of $32,426.00 (budgeted project request) for the soils investigation and Roadway Analysis on the following roads: Soils Investigation: CSAH 16 from CSAH 11 to CR 93; CR 38 from Hwy 169 to the east county line; CR 81 from Lake Ridge Drive to CR 73 (settlement areas); CR 93 from CSAH 16 to CSAH 4. Roadway Analysis: CR 35 from CSAH 15 to CR 72; CR 39 from CSAH 4 to 269th Avenue; CR 42 from CSAH 9 north to CSAH 1; CR 73 from CSAH 11 to the Elk River Bridge; CSAH 2 from Hwy 169 to the east county line. The work will assist with the design of these projects identified in the 2018-2022 Construction Program. Subject to County Attorney review and approval.

Steve Taylor said that Tim Dolan has been asked to join the Magic Fund Board of Trustees Committee. He asked that the County Board formally appoint him to that role so that per diem can come into play. Schmiesing/Fobbe unanimous to appoint Tim Dolan to the Magic Fund Board of Trustees Committee. Lisa Fobbe said she thought it would be beneficial for her to attend the Substance Abuse Prevention Meetings through the Sheriffs Department. Schmiesing/Dolan unanimous to appoint Lisa Fobbe to the Substance Abuse Prevention Committee.

Claims approved through warrants, resolutions, or contracts, totaling the following amounts, were paid as follows:

August 11, 2017

$ 200,665.13 General Revenue Fund

$ 3,026,294.21 Public Works Fund

$ 660.00 County Ditch Fund

$ 196.39 Solid Waste Fund

$ 25,017.33 Jail Commissary Fund

$ 10,982.00 Sherco Regional Rail Authority

$ 95,677.16 Justice Center Enterprise Fund

$ 37.26 HRA & Ec Dev Fund

$ 74,064.03 Agency Collections

$ 2,750.00 Taxes & Penalties Fund

$ 42,775.94 School Districts Collections

$ 22,968.52 Towns & Cities Collections

August 14, 2017

$ 1,970,270.24 Capital Proj 2008-Government

August 4, 2017

$ 184, 202.08 General Revenue Fund

$ 14,459.85 Public Works Fund

$ 543.02 County Ditch Fund

$ 73.63 Law Library Fund

$ 5,309.37 Solid Waste Fund

$ 50,918.12 Jail Commissary Fund

$ 28,046.81 Justice Center Enterprise Fund

$ 480,102.58 Agency Collections

$ 832.00 Taxes & Penalties Fund

$ 3,072.07 School Districts Collections

$ 14,966.27 Towns & Cities Collections

July 28, 2017

$ 463,209.83 General Revenue Fund

$ 8,596.64 Public Works Fund

$ 257.64 Human Service Fund

$ 5,928.69 Law Library Fund

$ 7,384.12 Solid Waste Fund

$ 18,916.88 Jail Commissary Fund

$ 71,075.00 Capital Proj 2008 – Government

$ 6,498.98 Justice Center Enterprise Fund

$ 14,867.87 Agency Collections

$ 2,484.00 Taxes & Penalties Fund

$ 55,053.00 Towns & Cities Collections

$ 31,906.00 Special Tif Account

July 28, 2017

$ 594.38 General Revenue Fund

$ 57,845.00 2015 G.O. CIP Refunding Bond

$ 52,200.00 2009 G.O. Jail Refunding Bond

$ 5,547.50 Agency Collections

August 9, 2017

$ 71,274.39 General Revenue Fund

$ 6,565.29 Public Works Fund

$ 1,402.28 Human Service Fund

$ 264.59 Solid Waste Fund

$ 1,338.34 Jail Commissary Fund

$ 1,262.83 Justice Center Enterprise Fund

August 9, 2017

$ 12,500.00 General Revenue Fund

August 4, 2017

$ 10,950.00 General Revenue Fund

August 11, 2017

$ 5,528.00 Agency Collections

August 7, 2017

$ 4,873.25 Agency Collections

July 31, 2017

$ 1,379.75 Agency Collections

August 1, 2017

$ 567.06 OBO Cub Foods

$ 903.74 OBO Holiday Station Store

$ 1,994.35 OBO Innovative

$ 940.08 8 payments less than 300

August 3, 2017

$ 44,061.75 Human Service Fund

Steve Taylor, Administrator

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September 9, 2017


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