Otsego to buy new televisions, stands

The Otsego City Council has approved the purchase of two TVs and three portable TV stands for use at the City Hall and Prairie Center.

Funds were identified during the capital improvement planning process to upgrade audio and visual components at Prairie Center and City Hall in 2017. After discussing it with one another, the city staff decided that the first step in this process should be to upgrade the current meeting room’s TVs and stands to better accommodate meetings and events.

Because there are so many meetings taking place throughout the Prairie Center on a weekly basis, the city staff recommended that the current 55-inch TV located in the Fireside Room be removed and placed in City Hall on a new portable stand, and replaced with a 70-inch TV on an adjustable stand with lockable wheels.

A second TV and stand are also being recommended for the Prairie Center, which will be used in other rooms when there are multiple meetings taking place simultaneously.

The cost for the two 70-inch TVs and three adjustable stands is approximately $4,500.