Storm water pond affects farm

After the completion of the new Prairie View School near 80th Street in Otsego, the overflow of the storm pond changed dynamics of the storm water conveyance, which caused a burden to the farm across the street.

The storm pond was constructed to the requirements of the city of Otsego, which is to match the runoff rates pre- and post-construction. Directly downstream from the school’s storm pond is a depression almost an acre in size and during rain, or even irrigation events, the discharge from the storm pond engulfs the area.

In the past, the existing seepage drain tile was able to handle most events in a timely manner, but with the additional volume caused by the new street and school, the existing drain tile cannot keep up and a hay field is flooded in water approximately two feet deep, and for such a time the hay field has been drowned out.

The property owner has agreed to a one-time payment of $500 for the loss of crops, now and in the future. The city attorney has drafted an agreement agreed to by the Elk River Area School District.