Thank you, Mr. President, for making politics entertaining

I want to personally thank President Donald Trump for making the activities in Washington politics so very interesting and entertaining. Every word he says and every tweet he makes forces me to examine the issues he’s addressing ever more deeply. I don’t remember any other presidency doing this to me.

His words and 140-character statements have transformed the usual boring and endless congressional committee meetings into becoming something very informative and politically relevant. He’s turned Washington into a must-see reality TV show. I’m glued to cable news like I’ve never been before.

Each day is like waiting for the newest episode of “Game of Thrones.” But instead of waiting months for the newest season to begin, the newest episode begins every single day. Every single day some new piece of information is leaked or openly revealed out of the White House which in turn fuels the political pundits with something earth shattering to fixate on. Without failure, each day another major revelation or two is disclosed with absolute regularity.

And what makes this even more amazing is that it has been a continuous stream of major daily revelations since the time he announced his candidacy for president. This is certainly American television at its finest. I’ll freely admit President Trump’s presidency has kept me at the edge of my seat. The wheels of government have become so fascinating, if not mesmerizing, I’m helplessly locked into watching them slowly turn.

One would think I’d get tired of it, being so completely overwhelmed with so much activity from our president. How can anyone handle this onslaught of information? Every day now for nearly two years it has been an astonishing and oftentimes unbelievable avalanche of statements or disclosures. How much can a person take in before it all blends together and the vast majority of what had been revealed is actually forgotten? Issues that would rock other White Houses to their foundation are, for the most part, forgotten in the maelstrom of daily revelations.

But at least speaking for myself, I’m not bored, not in the least. President Trump has done an incredible job of keeping me interested in the functions of government. Yes I have forgotten some pretty big things that were said or done – this I’ll freely admit. Nevertheless, even if this is so, I am still guaranteed one thing: Every morning without fail our president will unroll some new revelation that will keep me glued to the TV set still watching him. He’s made me a Trump voyeur. He seems to know exactly how to fuel my obsession.

In many ways it makes me feel I’m doing my daily civic duty just watching him. At the very least one could say, for good or for ill, our president is a very entertaining fellow. Thank you for that, Mr. President! I’ll keep on watching you. How could I not?

A grateful citizen. — Rob Braun, Princeton