Idea for ordinance on feral animal feeding spit out

by Kurt Nesbitt
Contributing Writer
Elk River will not join Blaine in passing a city ordinance restricting when and where residents can feed feral animals.

City officials said they decided that such an ordinance would be hard to enforce.

“It’s not a big issue,” said Council Member Nate Ovall.

Mayor John Dietz said the council decided to discuss the idea after it received a series of e-mails from an Elk River resident, who complained about feral cats in her neighborhood.

These undomesticated animals that have been left to fend for themselves in the “wild” raise a variety of concerns.

Blaine passed an ordinance in March to prohibit the feeding wild or feral animals or of small mammals any grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, salt licks, or any other food that could attract wild animals. Living food sources such as trees and other live vegetation shall not be considered food for wild animals, under Blaine’s ordinance.

Dietz said the city will rely on city code enforcement to deal with feral animal complaints.