June 20, 2017

The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on June 20, 2017, at the Sherburne County Government Center in the City of Elk River, Minnesota. Commissioner Burandt was absent. Call to order by the Vice-Chair was at 9:00 a.m. followed by a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Petersen/Schmiesing unanimous to approve the agenda for June 20, 2017 with the following addition. The County Board Meeting will be recessed after Anniversary Recognition for a reception.

Schmiesing/Dolan unanimous to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:

a) Approve the Regular County Board Meeting Minutes of June 13, 2017 as presented.

b) Approve the County Board Workshop Meeting Minutes of June 13, 2017 as presented.

c) Approve Resolution #062017-AD-1782 (on file in County Administration) seeking the full amount of eligible Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) from the National Wildlife Refuge Fund.

d) Approve Out-of-State Travel for up to two Commissioners to attend the NACO Annual Conference scheduled July 21 24, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, noting funds are included in the 2017 Conference and Meeting Expense Budget, account #01-6334.

e) Approve the submittal of an application for the annual grant to defray the costs of the provision of the mandatory crime victim services offered through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety-Office of Justice Programs for a sum of at least $51,500; and if awarded, to accept the same and authorize the County Administrator and the County Attorney to sign the grant.

f) Approve the Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting Minutes of June 13, 2017 as presented.

g) Accept the May 2017 Auditor/Treasurers Report as presented.

h) Approve the 2017/2018 Tobacco Licenses for eight establishments with completed applications: City of Zimmerman: Frontier Liquor; Holiday Station Store 239, Jims Market; P & A Liquor; Speedway Super America 4535; Uptown Off-Sale, Caseys General Store #3458; Baldwin Township: Ridgeway Bay Resort AND Approve 5 establishments contingent on approval from their local boards: Becker Township: Holiday Station Store 598; SAFE Discount Liquor; Orrock Township: Station Operations II LLC/Sandune Stop (also pending HHS, Sheriff, and Attorney approval); Palmer Township: Briggs Lake General Store; Santiago Township: Santiago County Store for the Licensing Period of July 1, 2017 June 30, 2018.

i) Approve low bidder, Hardrives, for the road improvements for the following: CP 71-642-016, CR 42 from County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 1 to CR 45; CP 71-645-014, CR 45 from CSAH 9 to Rum River Drive; 136th Street-Baldwin Township; Georgetown 1st Addition-Baldwin Township. CP 071-642-016 and CP 071-645-014 will be county funded projects, account number 03-314-000-6368. 136th Street and Georgetown 1st Addition will be funded by Baldwin Township. Bids were received as follows: Hardrives-$3,388,971.27; Knife River-$3,473,675.67; and Veit & Company-$6,015,914.04. Bids reviewed and approved by County Attorney and Public Works.

j) Approve out-of-state Travel for a Sheriffs Office employee to attend training at the US Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Academy-Fusion Center Leadership Program in Lemont, Illinois, from July 17-21, 2017. All travel, housing, and meal expenses for this out-of-state training are eligible for reimbursement.

k) Accept payment of Manual Warrants/Voids/Corrections paid June 6, 2017 in the amount of $52,378.35.

l) Accept payment of Manual Warrants/Voids/Corrections paid June 9, 2017 in the amount of $12,736,358.22.

m) Accept payment of Commissioner Warrants paid June 16, 2017 in the amount of $535,880.18.

Announcements: Commissioner Schmiesing announced the birth of his 11th grandchild.

The Board of Commissioners presented longevity awards to County employees for years of service to Sherburne County. The County Board expressed their gratitude to the employees for their hard work and dedication to the County. The following employees received longevity awards for employment with Sherburne County:


5 Years Dan Weber

15 Years Terri Thompson


10 Years Peter Yager

15 Years Shelly Maloney

30 Years Jackie Meyer


15 Years Erin OToole


10 Years Kris Engel


5 Years Dan Bradley

20 Years Cheryl Turck

35 Years Kathy Poslusny


5 Years Lindsey Ahlert

Ashley Baltich

Tony Masters

Bonnie Peterson

10 Years Gina Anderson

Christa Mitchell

15 Years Lisa Hengemuehle

25 Years Suzanne Hulett


5 Years Zac Cory

Tom Topel


5 Years Dave Tucker

15 Years Russell Kapsner

20 Years Chris Wacker


5 Years Adam Blum

Diane Conter

Adam Schutte

Linda Stang

Chad Thurmer

10 Years Bryan Bjergo

Ryan Broich

Renee Casey

Daniel Godlewski

Eric Leonard

Brian McDonough

Kelly Sobon

Jesse Overlie

Sheri Stone

Angela Yoder

15 Years Russell Bartell

Heidi Paumen

Stephanie Whiteis

20 Years Dean Cichy

Ken Hanson

Michon Miller

Andrew Ochs

Scott Tillmann


25 Years Dave Lucas

Nancy Riddle

Petersen/Dolan unanimous to approve the Ditch Authority Meeting Agenda as presented.

Michael Lindenau, Ditch and Drainage Technician, presented the April and May Ditch Report. Mr. Lindenau reviewed information on the request for a 3,250 linear foot cleanout of a portion of County Ditch #15 between 40th Street SE and west of CSAH 20 in Haven Township, noting all permits have been obtained to perform the work. He stated that he has had many calls concerning this proposed clean-out and felt that a public hearing should be held to get input from those residents benefitting from County Ditch #15. Commissioner Schmiesing asked the County Attorney if the County is following process pursuant to ditch law by holding a public hearing for this proposed project. The County Attorney stated that a public hearing, in this case, would not be required since the costs per linear foot do not trigger a required public hearing, however, the Ditch Authority may hold a public hearing to solicit input from the residents before a decision is made. Appropriate notices of a public hearing date and time would be sent to all residents benefitting from County Ditch #15. Mr. Lindenau also reported on County Ditch #28, County Ditch #28 Part 2, and County Ditch #30. No action taken.

The next Ditch Authority Meeting is set for August 15, 2017.

Andrew Witter, Public Works Director/County Engineer, was present to request approval of a Joint Powers Agreement between Sherburne County and Baldwin Township for contract administration under County projects CP 071-642-016 and CP 071-645-014. Schmiesing/Petersen unanimous to approve a Joint Powers Agreement between Sherburne County and Baldwin Township for contract administration for road improvements to 136th Street and Georgetown 1st Addition, located within Baldwin Township.

Ken Holmbeck, County Surveyor, was present to discuss a resolution to approve the platting of part of the existing public right-of-way of CSAH 4 as Sherburne County Highway Right-of-Way Plat No. 81, a monumentation plat. Petersen/Dolan unanimous to approve Resolution #062017-AD-1783 (on file in the Public Works Department), the platting of part of the existing Public Right-of-Way of County State Aid Highway 4 as Sherburne County Highway Right-of-Way Plat No. 81, a monumentation plat.

Heather Lemieux, Accounting Manager, was present to review the 2016 Audit and to request authorization to publish the 2016 Summary Financial Statements and Vendor List in the Countys legal newspaper and alternate publication. Petersen/Dolan unanimous to approve publication of the 2016 Summary Financial Statement and Vendor List in Elk River Star News and Citizen Newspaper (alternate publication). The 2016 Financial Statements are currently available on the Countys Website.

Amy Rowan, Auditor/Treasurers Department, and Dave Lucas, Solid Waste Administrator, were present to request award of bid proposals for clean-up of (3) three tax forfeited parcels. Schmiesing/Dolan unanimous to approve and accept the proposals submitted by Shane Steinbrecher for Steinbrecher Companies, Inc. and authorize the Auditor/Treasurer to enter into contract for services for the property cleanup as outlined in the proposal for clean-up of tax forfeited parcel #65-403-0430 located at 420 Putnam Ave. Lot 4, Block 2, City of Big Lake and parcel #10-103-4300, 22130 Cty. Road N., Big Lake Township AND to accept the proposal submitted by Katie Helmin of Helmin Construction and authorize the County Auditor/Treasurer to enter into contract for services for the property cleanup as outlined in the proposal for clean-up of tax forfeited parcel #05-440-0220, Lot 4 Block 2, Deer Forest located in Becker Township. Costs for this project will come out of the Tax Forfeited Land Fund as allowed by Statute.

Dave Lucas, Solid Waste Administrator, was present to discuss the SCORE Grant Funding Request for Sherburne County 4-H. Petersen/Dolan unanimous to approve funding in the amount of $4,800 from Account 21-392-6874 (SCORE) to subsidize costs related to a source separated organics program at the 4-H Food Stand during the 2017 County Fair, and to purchase two ADA accessible picnic tables made with recycled plastics, and authorize County Board Chair to sign the SCORE Grant Funding Agreement.

Dave Lucas, Solid Waste Administrator, was present to discuss the SCORE Grant Funding Request for City of Elk River. Petersen/Schmiesing unanimous to approve funding in the amount of $3,004.94 from Account 21-392-6874 (SCORE) as reimbursement to the City of Elk River for the purchase of 30 heavy-duty global industrial 96 gallon two wheel recycling carts for the purpose of increasing recycling opportunities in their park and sport complex.

Dave Lucas, Solid Waste Administrator, was present to discuss City and Township Cleanup Funding. Discussion was held regarding price differences between vendors serving townships and cities for the clean-up events, noting that the county reimburses townships and cities for these events to assure proper disposal of items. Commissioner Dolan stated there was much conversation about price differences at the Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meeting and this will be addressed by the Committee during the coming year. Schmiesing/Dolan unanimous to approve amendments to 2017 Township and City Cleanup Event Funding Agreements in the event that a township and/or city exceeds their 2017 approved funding amounts from eligible expenses incurred during a cleanup event, and to set aside up to $20,000 from Fund 21-392-6874 (SCORE) to cover such costs.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of moving the August 15th County Board Meeting to August 8th. Steve Taylor will discuss with the Board Chair and further discussion will be held at the July 11th County Board Meeting.

Claims approved through warrants, resolutions, or contracts, totaling the following amounts, were paid as follows:

June 6, 2017

$ 43,336.75 General Revenue Fund

$ 4,056.69 Public Works Fund

$ 1,581.65 Human Service Fund

$ 11.39 Solid Waste Fund

$ 1,308.37 Jail Commissary Fund

$ 2,083.50 Justice Center Enterprise Fund

June 9, 2017

$ 5,913.25 Agency Collections

$ 2,464,888.86 Taxes & Penalties Fund

$10,265,556.11 School Districts Collections

June 16, 2017

$ 84,662.83 General Revenue Fund

$ 304,477.67 Public Works Fund

$ 967.07 County Ditch Fund

$ 4,079.94 Law Library Fund

$ 7,718.16 Solid Waste Fund

$ 15,332.48 Jail Commissary Fund

$ 11,057.04 Sherco Regional Rail Authority

$ 80,446.94 Justice Center Enterprise Fund

$ 25,527.05 Agency Collections

$ 1,611.00 Taxes & Penalties Fund

Steve Taylor, Administrator

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July 15, 2017


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