JUNE 20, 2017

The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners met in a Workshop Session on June 20, 2017, at the Sherburne County Government Center in the City of Elk River, MN. Commissioner Burandt was absent. Call to order by the Vice-Chair was at 10:22 a.m.

Tammy Bigelow, Human Resources Director, was present to provide information about the current organization of Human Resources and proposed changes. The following items were discussed: Current Organizational Chart; Human Resources staffing in other similar sized counties; Issues; Upcoming changes within current staffing; Proposed Restructure Organizational Chart; Cost Comparisons (budget). The consensus of the Board was for Tammy to bring this item to the July 11th County Board Meeting for consideration.

Steve Taylor, Administrator, provided information on a proposed onsite employee clinic. Laurie Hurtgen, [email protected] Senior Manager, Health Partners, provided information as follows: Objectives in establishing an on-site clinic which include controlling total health spending, reducing lost employee productivity, enhancing health/wellness leadership image, managing employee health risk and chronic conditions, improving member access to health care, a means of attracting and retaining valued employees and managing workplace injuries; Health Partners current established employee clinic sites (17) in MN; Clinic features; Staffing of an on-site clinic; Scope of services; Review of costs and savings predictions/estimates. Bill Keller, Director, Central Services, Anoka County, was present to provide information on Anoka Countys Well at Work Clinic which opened in May of 2011. The information provided included number of patient visits, visit volume by month and day, estimated savings, and what has been learned over the years. Further discussions regarding the proposed clinic will continue to be held with the County Board.

Steve Taylor, Administrator

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July 15, 2017


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