Police Report: Driver wearing headphones, airsoft gun, credit card fraud

by Joni Astrup
Associate Editor
An Elk River woman, 46, learned the hard way that you can’t wear headphones and drive at the same time.
She was cited for use of headphones in a motor vehicle after being observed by a police officer at Highway 10 and Proctor Avenue in Elk River at 8 a.m. July 4.
The woman had been stopped next to the officer in traffic. When the officer tried to get her attention, she didn’t hear him.
“She admitted that she was listening to Kenny Wayne Shepherd,” according to the police report.
Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz said state statute prohibits a driver from using headphones in both ears.
“The reason is that their hearing is impaired for any warnings like a horn honking,” Kluntz said.

Elk River boy, 11, shot with airsoft gun
An Elk River boy, 11, was shot with an airsoft gun by a 13-year-old friend in the 12000 block of Elk Lake Road. The boy was not injured.
The shooting was reported to police at 8 p.m. June 28.

Man may have been bilked out of $5,000
An Elk River man, 64, is suspected of being defrauded of $5,000.
Over the course of three separate payments, he paid the money thinking he was obtaining a $40,000 grant from the federal government. He has since closed his account and filed fraud paperwork. Police are looking into the matter, which was reported on June 26.

Drunk person placed order, but didn’t drive
An Elk River restaurant employee reported to police at midnight July 5 that a driver sounded drunk while ordering food in the drive-thru. Officers located the vehicle as it was leaving the business. They found an intoxicated passenger had placed the order. The driver showed no signs of impairment, according to the police report.

Homeless woman biking to Princeton
Police were advised of a woman who was dirty and appeared in distress walking near Highway 169 and 197th Avenue in Elk River at 10 a.m. July 4.
An officer located the woman, who said she was homeless and biking to Princeton. She said she did not need any assistance and would be fine, according to the police report.

After crash, woman faces a DWI
A disabled vehicle led officers to arrest a woman for DWI June 28.
A South St. Paul woman, 52, was arrested for DWI after officers located the vehicle with the side airbags deployed on the side of the road at Elk Lake Road and Industrial Boulevard. The woman was not injured.

Blue wheelbarrow reported stolen
An old refurbished wheelbarrow was reported stolen from a barn in the 18000 block of Cleveland Street on or around June 23. The wheelbarrow is blue with new wood handles and valued at $40.

Credit card fraud suspected
An Elk River man reported that his credit card has had four unsuccessful transaction attempts to websites in foreign countries since June 29.
No money was actually charged to his account due to the credit card company freezing his card.

Maple Grove woman suspected in assault
A Maple Grove woman, 32, was taken into custody after officers were dispatched to an Elk River home for a domestic situation between the suspect and an Elk River woman, 30. The call came in at 9:32 p.m. June 28. The incident was determined to be an assault and interference with a 911 call. The suspect had fled prior to police arrival, but was later located at her home in Maple Grove. She was taken to the Sherburne County Jail in Elk River.