Mainstreams: What am I going to see today?

by Aaron Brom
Contributing Writer

A published photographer with more than 1,200 social media followers, Lori Anne Ende, of Rogers, has a simple philosophy when it comes to her passion for photography: “In order to stay creative, I just let it come to me.”

She need not travel far for inspiration, as the lifelong St. Michael and Rogers area resident has a feel for the local landscape, especially the one near her Rogers farm. That’s where she’s most inspired, whether it’s livestock silhouetted by the sunset, geese flying over her property or local landmarks like the “famous” Rogers round barn.

“I’ll just go outside and I’ll sit at the farm and wait for animals to do something funny,” she said. “You get lucky and you do the shot.”

Ende grew up in St. Michael. The daughter of parents Duane and Kathy Barthel married lifelong Rogers resident Scott Ende, and they reside on the Ende farm on Territorial Road.

A former Hassan Town Board member, she and Scott operate the Ende Septic company and maintain farm operations.

Photography is a hobby, but a serious one at that, in which her works have been spread across the world.

She was never trained in her passion, other than taking a junior high school photography class at St. Michael-Albertville.

“We used to work with black and white photos in junior high,” she said. “I loved photography. It was so much fun and I grew a passion for it.”

One of her first cameras was an old Polaroid instant variety – “I just loved that thing!”
Then around 2000, when digital photography started getting better, Scott Ende bought her a Nikon model for Christmas.

“I started with the Nikon and I switched to a Sony mirror-less, a true film camera. True film is the best of the best,” she said.

Her talent eventually parlayed into a part-time job of sorts, in that she does get paid to sell her images to companies “all the way to Japan and Europe.” The companies find her photos, versus her needing to market them. She does not accept for-hire jobs, such as wedding photography.

“I only shoot for people I know, close friends and family,” Ende said. “They allow me to do what I want creatively.”

That creativeness can spark at any moment, like the time her brother Keith stood in front of a blooming pink crab tree, holding a paint brush to look like he painted the tree. Other times she’ll capture the grandchildren playing with farm animals. Most of her photos are of the local landscape, such as at Crow-Hassan Park Reserve or her own farm and nearby farm properties.

“My goal is to cover Rogers and Hassan in its essence,” she said. “Maybe someday I’ll do a book of assets in the community.”

Her work has been featured in Farm & Ranch magazine, Country Magazine, Capture Minnesota books and TPT Channel 12, as well as in multiple calendars. Her photos are also spread throughout the Rogers community in the Crow River News’ annual Resident’s Guide, the city of Rogers Facebook page, at the Rogers Applebee’s and at Eye West Vision.

“It’s exciting to wake up and say ‘What am I going to see today?’ When you know there’s something fabulous, sometimes you can’t sleep,” she said. “And I know when I captured it.”

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Photos by Lori Ann Ende