Elk River Police Report: Scammer withdraws funds, fake officer, pills stolen

by Joni Astrup
Associate Editor

Scammer withdraws $1,000 from account, bank to refund funds
An Elk River man, 32, reported June 21 that he opened an email stating he needed to resolve his bank account security issues. When he opened the email, it revealed his account information to an unidentified thief who subsequently made a $1,000 withdrawal from his account. The bank will be refunding his account for the loss.

Fake police officer says grandson under arrest
Posing as a police officer, a caller tried to scam an 80-year-old Elk River woman. The woman told police June 19 that she received a phone scam. A caller, who claimed to be a police officer in another country, said that the woman’s grandson was under arrest for possession of 2 pounds of marijuana.
The woman knew her grandson was at a wedding in Minnesota and did not give the caller any information or money, but wanted the scam documented.

Caller wants bank account info for ‘prize’
An Elk River man, 75, reported receiving a letter in the mail from Portugal about winning the “International Lottery.” He was asked to provide his bank account information to obtain his winnings. The man did not provide any sensitive information and simply wanted the incident documented, according to the police report.

Woman reports 150 pills stolen in Indiana
An Elk River woman, 28, reported June 22 that she had 150 hydrocodone pills stolen from the center console of her vehicle while at a gas station in Indiana. Elk River Police advised her to file a report with the agency there.

Computer equipment taken from storage
A burglary was reported Wednesday, June 21, at Store It All, located in the 15000 block of Edison Street in Elk River. A storage locker had been broken into during the last week. Computer equipment was taken.

Cat was actually an opossum
Police were called to the 11000 block of 191st Avenue at 12:12 p.m. June 25 after a person there live trapped a cat. When the community service officer arrived, he observed an opossum trapped in a live trap. The person apologized for the mistake and released the opossum.