Tired of red-light runners, those ‘who are above traffic laws’

When is something going to be done about the red light and stop sign running in this city?

I drive bus in Elk River five days a week, and I would give anything to have a video camera on the front of my bus.

These people drive with the attitude that they are “above” following the laws. Yellow lights don’t mean “slow down” anymore. They mean “speed up from a half mile back and run the red light because I don’t want to wait.” Stop signs don’t mean “stop” anymore. They mean “yield” – maybe – or “just go through it because no one is coming.” Who do these people think they are?

I realize police can’t be everywhere every second of the day. But I had an officer tell me a couple of years ago that they aren’t allowed to sit at intersections and “scout” red light runners – really?! But sitting behind the high school, in the parking lot by the city compost or at the entrance to Woodland Trails, to name just a few spots, to catch someone going two miles over the speed limit is more important? I was also told that cameras at intersections “infringe on people’s rights.” What rights do the people have who are following the laws, going through intersections on a green light, and get hurt or killed by these “red light runners”? Something needs to be done!

That being said, I would like to say that there are courteous drivers out there, whom I appreciate sharing the roads with. The Friday of Memorial Day weekend and the Wednesday after Memorial Day, I was attempting to turn onto Highway 10 westbound, (there was no stoplight), and both days, nice gentlemen held back and waved me out in front of them. Thank you, both, very much.— Paula Granlund, Elk River