Thank you, veterans, for your service

The Star News does a great service to our surrounding communities especially when they cover our brave men and women of our armed services as well as those who provide these veterans with the services, care and concern they have earned.

I suggest that as individual citizens we continue to support our veterans in all ways possible. How about walking up to a veteran when we see a military cap or other indication of their service (a veteran with a military cap with only one leg, as I recently did) and say, “Thank you for your service to our country.” He replied: “Thank you for your thanks. I am grateful to God I am alive.” I noted the pretty lady next to him and was informed by this veteran, “The best part of this whole thing of losing my leg is, she was my physical therapist in recovery and we have been blessed to be married for many years.”

Thinking about someone other than myself is good thing and a blessing to both of us. Also, I find my own life problems are small compared to other people. Thanks to all veterans for your service to our country. God bless America. — Richard George, Elk River