May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education (ABATE) of Minnesota would like to remind motorists that motorcycle riders are back on the roads. ABATE of Minnesota has 26 chapters throughout the state and each chapter has their own way to make May Motorcycle Awareness Month. The most publicized is the Great Minnesota Washout. ABATE members and other groups will wash windshields and hand out literature to help drivers at various highway rest areas.
“Start Seeing Motorcycles.” During May there will also be awareness parades, information booths at various community functions, and much more.

The number of motorcyclists in Minnesota has grown significantly over the years. Because motorcycles are smaller and more difficult to see, it is important for drivers to watch carefully for motorcyclists at intersections and other danger zones. Motorcyclists can help by using strategic lane positioning for visibility and by taking additional motorcycle safety training.

Remember, motorcycles have been absent from the roads over the winter and it takes a while for motorists and motorcyclists to get reacquainted again. Everyone – riders and drivers alike – should share the road, slow down, pay attention and start seeing motorcyclists.

ABATE of Minnesota works throughout the year to promote motorcycle safety and motorcycle training. We also act as a legislative watchdog at the Minnesota state Capitol to preserve our motorcycling freedoms. If you would like to be part of motorcycling safety and protection of motorcycling freedoms in Minnesota, please visit or call 1-800-224-6570. — Mack Backlund, state coordinator for ABATE of Minnesota