“Neither Wolf Nor Dog” held over in Elk River

British director Steven Lewis Simpson’s film adaptation of an acclaimed, best-selling Native American novel, “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” has been held over at Marcus Elk River Cinema.

“They’re holding it over for a second week as it has been performing better there than some of the Hollywood blockbusters,” Simpson said Wednesday.

The film opened April 21 at the Elk River movie theater.

"Neither Wolf Nor Dog" is playing in Elk River.
“Neither Wolf Nor Dog” is playing in Elk River.

The film’s narrative is a road trip from Minnesota through the Dakotas and was filmed mostly in South Dakota. The novel was authored in Minnesota by Kent Nerburn.

The film stars Dave Bald Eagle, a Lakota elder who was 95 years old when the movie was filmed.
View the trailer at https://vimeo.com/117451913