Asphalt bid comes in $55,000 under the budget

by Heather Reinhart
Contributing Writer
The Zimmerman City Council approved a bid of $157,219 from Asphalt Preservation Company of Detroit Lakes for 2017 street maintenance work.

City Engineer Kevin Bittner, who recommended approval of the bid, said it was one of four bids and noted the bid was more than $55,000 under budget, which will allow them to add streets to the project and remain within budget.

The work will include crack sealing and chip seal coating.

Bittner said favorable oil prices over the past two years have allowed the city of Zimmerman to move forward with their street maintenance work faster than anticipated. After the 2017 work is completed, they will be about a year ahead of the original schedule.
Bittner also shared 11 bids that came in for the Third Avenue South improvement project, which includes reconstruction and widening of a portion of Second Street West and Third Avenue South. The board approved the bid of $828,617 from C&L Excavating Inc., which came in more than $50,000 under budget.

Mayor Dave Earenfight pointed out that a petition had recently been filed by people living near in the proposed construction area voicing concerns about the cost of the assessments and the new width of the road.

“We are not ignoring your petition,” he said. “We are working on your concerns, of which a big one was monetary.”

Earenfight said the lower-than-estimated bid will allow the assessment for homeowners to be lowered.

City Administrator Randy Piasecki said that the road needs to be a certain width in order to qualify for state aid, which is helping pay for the project. Widening the road now is also necessary when looking ahead to how the road will function 30-40 years in the future.
“To decrease it limits the potential,” Piasecki said.

None of the people involved in the petition were present at the meeting.

Other news
Public Works Director Dave Johnson also took a moment to introduce new employee Chris Dallager, who moved into a full-time position on March 15 after previously working in a part-time role.

Earenfight reminded the board of the upcoming local board of appeals and equalization meeting, which will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 19, at City Hall. The public meeting will give residents the opportunity to ask any property tax questions they may have.
Earenfight also mentioned the Passing the Bread food distribution from 9-11 a.m. Saturday, April 29, at UMA Precision Machining (north door). If you or someone you know has an urgent need for food, call 612-226-2779.

In other matters, Fire Chief Ryan Maloney issued a reminder that burning restrictions are on. A 3-foot-by-3-foot campfire is allowed, but nothing larger. He also noted that the date of the annual golf tournament has been set for Saturday, June 9.

During Monday’s meeting, the council also:
•Authorized Bolton & Menk Inc., acting as the city engineer, to prepare the Wellhead Protection Plan Part II at a cost not to exceed $16,900.
•Voted to raise the Public Works On-Call Pay from $25 per day for holidays and weekends to $50 per day, which is more in line with what other cities in the region are paying.
•Accepted the Zimmerman Park Board resignation of Tim Sevcik, who resigned because his job with the city of Elk River Parks and Recreation Department did not allow for attendance.
•Approved the Zimmerman Park Board appointment of Travis Wiskur to serve the balance of a three-year term, expiring Jan. 31, 2018.
•Accepted the resignation of public works maintenance technician Aaron Larson. The city is currently taking applicants to fill this open role.
•Approved payments for professional services to Bolton & Menk for the 2017 Third Avenue South improvement project ($13,215) and for the 2017 pavement preservation ($5,327).