Level of support for Elk successes questioned

Congratulations to the Elk River High School girls basketball team – State Champions! An undefeated season! As a pep band student parent I have the opportunity to go to several sporting events and watch our kids play football, hockey and basketball. Our high school has some very talented and dedicated student athletes. What I am wondering about is the community support shown to these players. The football team goes undefeated and also wins the state tournament. The electronic billboards proclaim “Congratulations to Team 125.” People around town are seen sporting sweatshirts & T-shirts proclaiming the football team as state champions. For the past couple of days I have been looking at the electronic billboard I pass on my way to work every day waiting for a proclamation of the girls basketball team achievement – nothing. I contacted the vendor for the school’s athletic wear and was told as a member of the public I can’t purchase a sweatshirt or T-shirt proclaiming the girls basketball team state champions. Why the difference I wonder? The girls basketball team played and won almost twice as many games as the football team so why don’t they get the same recognition? I have some ideas why, but I sure hope I’m wrong, don’t you? Go Elks! — Kathy Greenberg, Elk River