Police report: Drug charges, CAER’s honor system, and DWIs

Managing Editor

Search warrant uncovers drugs, stolen ATV

by Jim Boyle
A 29-year-old Big Lake Township man was arrested March 10 for second-degree possession of a controlled substance, fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property, according to Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott.

Derek Alan Snaza is currently being held in the Sherburne County Jail. He was arraigned on March 13.

Authorities executed a narcotics search warrant in the 20000 block of 152nd Street Northwest in Big Lake Township. While searching the residence, they located approximately 28 grams of methamphetamine as well as approximately 107 grams of marijuana throughout the residence. Investigators also located a stolen ATV that was reported stolen near Zimmerman in October 2016.

The search warrant was executed by the Emergency Response Unit, Sherburne County Drug Task Force, Criminal Investigative Division and the Elk River Police Department.
Snaza was charged with four counts of drug crimes.

Honor system at food shelf tested
The honor system used outside Community Aid Elk River, Elk River’s food shelf located in the 19000 block of Watson Street, before the doors are opened to clients took a step back on the morning of Monday, March 6.

A 62-year-old Elk River man had marked his spot with personal items and returned to his vehicle to wait for the appointed time to get back in line.

When a woman cut to the front of the line and he approached to reassert his place in line, the Elk River man says the woman kneed him in the groin.

The female, a 55-year-old Elk River woman, said she raised her knee when the man tried to cut back in front of her, but she said she did not intentionally knee him.

The complainant reported no injury and did not want charges. Police mediated the altercation and the female was addressed by staff regarding their honor system while lining up at the door.

After losing control of boat, man gets DWI
A 55-year-old man from Otsego was arrested following an incident on the afternoon of March 5 at the boat landing in Babcock Park. The man’s vehicle, trailer, and boat rolled backward into the river.

Both the subject and a 51-year-old Otsego woman who was a passenger were able to get out of the vehicle, but the man was charged with DWI.

Ex-boyfriend warned for annoying calls
A 25-year-old Maple Grove woman in the 800 block of Freeport Avenue on March 4 reported she was receiving excessive and annoying messages and phone calls pertaining to child custody from an ex-boyfriend who lives in Anoka.

Police contacted her ex-boyfriend by phone and advised him of her concerns and complaint.

The complainant was advised to contact Maple Grove Police Department to report this incident and any future harassment incidents. She was also advised of her options, including the placement of a restraining order on the man.

Man’s attempt to swipe wire foiled
A 33-year-old woman from Zimmerman who works at Menards in the 19000 block of Evans Street reported that a man entered the store and pushed out a cart with five rolls of 500 feet of wire and did not attempt to pay for them.

She confronted the man in the parking lot and recovered the wire.

He claimed the wire had previously been paid for but was unable to produce proof of purchase.

The Menards employee gave police information about the vehicle the man left in.

Counselor alerts police about threat
A 25-year-old Otsego woman who is a counselor for Nystrom and Associates reported about 5 p.m. March 6 that a 16-year-old Otsego boy who attends Ivan Sand Community High School told her he received a SnapChat photo from a 16-year-old Ramsey girl who had taken a picture of herself with a “sniper rifle” and scope with a caption that read, “don’t come to school tomorrow.”

The Ramsey girl was contacted, and she told police the SnapChat picture was a joke and the picture was of BB gun at her work.

The girl’s grandparents where the girl was staying said they have no firearms in their house and they were unsure of where she would have access to firearms.

Resolution sought for illegal dumping
The owner of Paxmar in Elk River reported on March 6 he has had ongoing issues with people illegally dumping garbage and other miscellaneous items on the property he is trying to develop.

He told police he found eight bags full of garbage, two bumpers to unknown vehicles, carpet and a TV, all illegally dumped on the property in the 18000 block of Cleveland Street. In one of the garbage bags there were pictures with a name listed on them. The officer made contact with the individual who said he did not dump the garbage.

The individual said the photo located by an officer was of his daughter and son-in-law.
Shoreview man, 55, arrested for DWI
Elk River Police arrested a 27-year-old Shoreview man about 7:42 a.m. March 6 in the 13000 block of Highway 10 for DWI after he was observed driving all over the road and an investigation determined he had taken controlled substances earlier that morning.

An officer stopped the motorist for doing 80 mph in 65 mph zone. Upon talking with the driver, he admitted to taking Oxycodone and Adderall at 6 a.m. Further investigation led to the driver being arrested for the suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

A search warrant was completed and signed by a judge. Blood draw was performed at the listed medical clinic and submitted to the BCA for testing. Charges are pending the results of the blood.