Otsego prepares to pare city administrator applicants

Managing Editor

by Eric Oslund

The Otsego City Council has scheduled special meetings on March 31 and April 1 for the purpose of interviewing candidates for the open city administrator position.

Brimeyer Fursman, an executive search and consulting firm hired by the city to help with the search, presented the City Council with a packet of their top 15 candidates for the city administrator position during the council’s meeting on Monday, March 13.

The council is to review the list of applicants selected and then meet with Brimeyer Fursman at 6 p.m. March 20 in the Prairie Center during a special meeting to narrow down the number of candidates for the interview process.

The hope is to pare the list down to the top five candidates, give or take one or two.

All of the specific details and names of the candidates at this point in the process are still considered confidential, Otsego officials said.

Once the list gets narrowed down, they will have the finalists come in for interviews.
Council members will meet individually with the candidates throughout the day on March 31 and then perform group interviews the following day.

It was also suggested by the search firm that the council members take the candidates on a tour of the city.

“If you do have out-of-town or out-of-area candidates, some will potentially be looking to relocate their families here and they’re going to want to get to know (the city),” said interim City Administrator Adam Flaherty when relaying a message from Brimeyer Fursman.

According to an interview schedule provided by Brimeyer Fursman, the council will make its final selection around 2 p.m. April 1 and then begin to discuss contract parameters.