Otsego to purchase four new vehicles

Sports Reporter

Included in the 2017 capital improvement plan is the replacement of two pickup trucks from the Streets and Parks and Recreation departments, and the addition of a pickup truck for the utilities department. It also includes the purchase of an asphalt roller for the Streets Department.

The first vehicle being replaced is a 2005 Chevrolet 1500 extended-cab pickup with approximately 99,020 miles. It has a relative high rating but has extensive rust related issues to the body, bumpers and frame. City staff is recommending a trade-in with Midway Ford for a three-quarter-ton pickup. The final purchase minus the trade-in is $24,996, which is more than the $23,773 that was budgeted.

The second vehicle that is recommended for replacement is a 2005 Chevrolet 2500 crew cab with approximately 81,395 miles and a relatively high vehicle rating. This vehicle has some interior and exterior issues and has got a number of seals going out on both the transmission and power steering components. Midway Ford has offered the city $9,000 for a trade-in, bringing the final purchase price for the new vehicle $22,569, which is under the $23,773 that was budgeted.

The total price for these two vehicles comes out to $47,565, which is $19 higher than the amount budgeted.

The Municipal Utilities Department is looking for the third vehicle as they only have four vehicles for their five staff members, which makes transportation difficult. They are also seeking a three-quarter-ton pickup truck from Midway Ford, which is expected to cost $31,919, which is less than the $42,000 that was budgeted.

The fourth vehicle is a replacement blacktop roller for the Streets Department. The Bomag BW90 AD asphalt roller from Ruffridge-Johnson Equipment Company will cost $29,200. — Eric Oslund, Reporter