Best Elk River girls basketball team ever?

The success of this year’s Elk River girls basketball team has taken me back to the 2000-2001 Elks team that my daughter Lindsey was a part of.
That 2001 team is regarded by many to be the best in Elks history. They won their first 21 games that season before losing their only game of the regular season to Osseo.
They made it all the way to the state championship game before losing to Lakeville. Their record of 27-2 currently stands as the best in school history.
This year’s Elks squad has already topped the 21 straight wins of the 2001 team (they stood at 23-0 at the time of this writing) and looked poised to top the 27 win mark for the season.
Several people have asked me how I think the 2001 team would stack up against this year’s Elks.
Besides Lindsey, the other starters for the 2001 team were Melissa Mulvaney, Carly Christensen, Kayla Christensen and Rachel Davis. All but Mulvaney averaged in double figures, making the Elks one of the best balanced teams in school history.
Gabi Haack, Sidney Wentland, Kelsie Cox, Ava Kramer and Danielle Lachmiller (all seniors) make up this year’s starting lineup.
If these teams met in their prime, I am sure that Mulvaney, a lock down defender, would try to slow down Haack, who has been an offensive machine this year, averaging more than 26 points per game.
The 2001 team was taller than this year’s team and would have the edge on the boards.
The 2017 version of the Elks are very fast and play an up tempo game. Could the 2001 team keep up?
I am impressed at how this year’s team has improved defensively, but it would be difficult to shut down all of the 2001 stars.
It probably would come down to the balance of the 2001 team versus the speed and defense of the 2017 squad.
I am not brave enough to predict who would win the game. It sure would be one I would want to watch, though. — John Dietz, Elk River