November student of the month hopes to fly one day

Student: Shelby Novotny
Parents: Paul and Nicole Novotny


List the activities you have participated in and tell of your proudest accomplishments. Elk Buddies mentor (Special Education Partnership Program), Student Ambassador, National Honor Society, varsity softball team, JV/varsity volleyball team, DECA class representative, mission/volunteer work with my house church, Central Lutheran Church Echo Music Worship Team. Proudest moment: voted captain of the high school varsity softball team for the 2017 season as a sophomore.

What is your favorite class and why? What is your favorite subject? Favorite class: AP U.S. History with Mr. Steuter – he makes the class a lot of fun and I am excited to go to his class every day. Favorite subject: DECA with Mrs. Weiler – I learn practical skills that I can use every day and I get to meet a lot of new people.

What are your future plans? Go to college, not sure of my major yet. I would like to play softball in college.
What are your hobbies or personal interests? Sports, softball and volleyball, I also like to play tennis; singing; flying, I would like to get my pilot license; volunteering.

Who is your hero, if you have one, and why? My older sister Emily – she stands up for what she believes in. She also started Elk Buddies in our high school, which is a special education partnership program.

Tell of a most memorable experience that relates to school, personal interests or a hobby. So far, I have a couple. Being voted captain really meant a lot to me. Also, being selected to sing at the pep fest with Alexa Filipiak during snow week.

How do you demonstrate leadership? I try to lead by example. Be positive and encouraging to peers and teammates. Be nice to everyone and try to make everyone feel like they belong. Willingness to work hard and do my part.

How do you approach academics to achieve success? Study hard; if I don’t get an A, study harder. I participate in class and ask questions.

What special projects have you done, in or out of school? Elk Buddies Mentorship program.

Why do you think you won this award? Because I do my best to make everyone feel welcome at school and I’m kind to others. I work hard to do well in school and I participate in events and activities.

What does it mean to you? I feel honored and proud to be selected.