Farber: Deeply sorry for remarks on elementary

As a school board member of 12 years, I know I haven’t always made the popular decisions, nor have I always been able to make everyone happy, but the one thing I am most proud of is that every decision I have made has put kids first.
People who know me know that I can be very passionate when talking about the right for all children to get an excellent and equitable education. I believe that the sky is the limit for every child, and ultimately that is why I ran for school board in the first place, and why I stayed so long.
Two weeks ago our board was having a very intense discussion about boundary changes at a work session. I had been approached by parents in a neighborhood that were frustrated with what was happening and asked me to advocate for them. This is my job. It is what I am supposed to do – advocate for our constituents. I said some things, comparing one school to another in a very unflattering way, and for that I am deeply sorry.
I absolutely did not intend to disrespect any of the administration, teachers, staff, students or their parents at Lincoln Elementary. It is a great school full of caring, dedicated and hardworking people. It is my hope that the students at Lincoln Elementary, as well as all students, succeed in reaching their full potential, and I wish all of the students and staff throughout the district continued success! — Sue Farber, member of the Elk River Area School Board