Spirit of Christmas moving about

Everyone needs or wants your money, time and attention at this time of the year. Reasons to give to a “charity” are many: There are tax benefits to you, it makes you feel good or you have much and others have little or nothing.
The Call of Christmas is an event celebrating the true meaning of Christmas to be held at Central Church on School Street in Elk River on Saturday, Dec. 17th 7-9 p.m. (with a silent auction and other activities to raise funds for Great River Family Promise). Please note, come for the music and joy of celebration and no one is required to buy, donate or give.
A couple who donated a brand-new snow blower (never been used) made me ask why (sincere thanks to all the many other wonderful donations that have been graciously made from all over our area) for the upcoming fundraiser. When I asked why they did that? They expressed a sincere concern and love for others. Is that not what Christmas is all about?
I know I, too, have been asked to give and give and give. Why not just “give a fish today so that someone can have something to eat?” Because unless “you teach them how to fish to make their own living” they will be asking for another fish tomorrow, correct?
That’s what Great River Family Promise does for those who come for help because they literally have no place to live. The program has strict program guidelines, guidance, care and concern by many people since area churches house, feed and love those in need. This organization has a success rate of 90 percent of families finding work, maintaining their family with children achieving success in school and a stable family life by earning their own place to live. A number of those helped by GRFP come back to help others.
Remember when a church or an extended family would help one another, when someone helped you?
Sadly since GRFP is on a hiatus/not open due to funding problems, the problem of homelessness is real. Let’s not even think about how cold it will be for those living on the streets or in their car if they have one.
Great River Family Promise is a program that meets the immediate needs of families with children in our greater surrounding area that is successful and cost effective that has a heart and loves others. Let’s see Big Government do that!
Question: Will people in need always be with us? Yes, as I understand. Have you ever asked yourself why you were born or now live in one of the richest countries in the world? What is your call in life? I can only continue to pray and talk to others about GRFP and await for God to answer. —Richard George, Elk River