Take a few minutes to reflect on city’s asset in Lake Orono

Lake Orono is something that many of us drive by every day. It’s an asset to our community in many ways, from aesthetics to recreation to real estate. Like any ecology system, management is necessary due to human impacts. These impacts, from upstream farming to lakeshore fertilization, can affect the water quality of our lake. The Lake Orono Improvement Association, Sherburne Water and Soil Conservation District, and the city of Elk River are currently working on updating the 12-year-old management plan. In order to create a plan that incorporates our community residents, businesses, and visitors best, we are asking that you take 10-15 minutes to fill out the Lake Orono 2016 Survey that can be found at www.lakeorono.org. Thank you for assisting in our planning efforts. — Kristin Mroz, Elk River