Now that vote is done, let’s look at center of town site

Now that the voters have shown what they don’t want for a senior center, on the outskirts of town, maybe one of our city contract experts can get a good price on the extra fill that would be needed at the Lions Park site. I’m guessing the majority of our seniors live in this area. Just a thought.

Since the residents of Elk River now OWN Pinewood Golf Course, wouldn’t it be prudent to open it next spring? For those looking for banquet facilities there are dozens of tables in the clubhouse.

I heard there are hotels in the area that have large banquet rooms. For the time or two needed you could rent one a few million dollars cheaper than building a hall that would be empty 95 percent of the time. The eyes of some people in city hall got too big for the pockets of Elk River. — Bill Kambeitz, Elk River