Impressed at Elk River football game

We had the pleasure of attending the Elks football victory versus STMA, and were honored to see an amazing performance! The team was anchored with the effort of the guys on the offensive and defensive lines. The pulls and stunts worked perfectly. Their strength, self-discipline, speed and execution was the key. The offensive skill players did an amazing job of selling they had the ball and that forced defenders to stay with their assignments, so they were not able to help tackle the actual ball carrier. The guys running the ball never stopped churning their legs to grind out extra yards. The defense held them down on the first few possessions (with solid tackling all night), forcing them into throwing, where our guys intercepted passes by laying back and reading the play – showing great intelligence and being well coached. The kicker was amazing, with extra points and kick offs through the end zone.

Throughout the game, the coaching was amazing! These guys were so well prepared in all facets in the game. When the guys came off the field, they were offered specific advice to improve. When a player was injured, they knelt. They were able to get many of a fairly large squad involved playing, even if a few plays in a playoff game.

Let’s try to show up for the upcoming playoff games and cheer for the team. Let’s stand up, cheer loudly and let ‘em know the effort they are putting out is appreciated by the entire community. Watch the guys during the game – they feed off of us!