From Downtown: High school sports are back, and that’s a great thing


from downtownThose who know me well know I have many catchphrases. They range from “That’s incredible!” to “Let’s go!” to “Well, I’ll see ya” and many more.

However, one of the lesser-used and less punchy ones is one that’s particularly relevant at a time like this: “I’d rather be really busy than really bored.” I’m the kind of person who enjoys running around and doing several activities in one day. My perfect day consists of playing basketball, tennis and ping-pong, going swimming, eating dinner with my parents and going out with friends at night.

I love summer as much as the next guy, but sometimes I get anxious when I don’t have much to do. That’s why I’m thrilled high school sports are back. I’m looking forward to running from event to event again. Nights where I bounce from volleyball to soccer to tennis are fun for me, and I hope that’s reflected in my reporting. I love Friday night football as well, and I’m excited to get back to the grind.

Thanks to all of you who sent me ideas for feature stories over the summer. I kept busy with Legion and amateur baseball, went to a demolition derby and learned about the Japanese art of aikido, among other things. Those were all fun to cover, but I’m looking forward to having a game to be at nearly every night.

I’m intrigued by several storylines this fall. How will the Rogers soccer teams rebound after losing several of their best players? Will Elk River’s Meagan Brown win the state singles tennis tournament? How will Spectrum fare in a new conference? Can Zimmerman football match its 7-3 mark from last season, or potentially do even better?

I’m coming up on a year at the Star News. Time flies. I got here in mid-September last year and was trying to learn as I went. That was a fun challenge, but I’m looking forward to covering the fall teams again now that I have a feel for the area, the teams, the players and the coaches. It’s much easier to get good quotes and find more captivating stories once the people you’re interviewing feel comfortable around you. I hope that’s the case now that it’s time for go-around No. 2.

I could say “High school sports are back, baby. That’s incredible!” I could also say “Let’s go!” Or I could say “Well, I’ll see ya in a few days” at the fields, at the courts and at the courses. I could say any of those things, but instead I’ll simply say that it’s better to be really busy than really bored.

I’m ready to be really busy again. Fall sports have arrived. Let’s do this thing.