2016 Shiver Medallion Hunt

The $500 Medallion was found by Jake Folkeringa of Elk River in Lion John Weicht Park soon after the 6th Clue & Hint were released on Thursday morning. The Medallion was hidden at the base of a bush, close to the #6 Tee area just off the Disc Golf course.

Clue 1:

(All Clues were found at erstarnews.com)

This inaugural Medallion Hunt is part of the Chamber’s winter event.
Sponsors Shiver Elk River, Star News and Elk River Tire & Auto present
$500 to the lucky winner who proves
To be a master seeker through and through.
Beginning Sunday, watch for more clues
But before you take off on the shivery hunt, let’s go over the rules.
For this adventure look high and low, though only in Elk River public parks you go.
Over 40 parks boasts Elk River proper, but view the clues and you can prosper.
Use rakes and hoes and hand tools for moving snow and ice
Please remember, no shoveling or digging of turf — to our city’s grounds be nice.
One last thing to keep in mind during your quest:
Besides the daily clue, check the hints on Elk River Tire & Auto’s site before acting on your best guess.

Hint 1:

(All Hints were found at elkrivertireandauto.com)

This is the Medallion you are searching for
Note the size and shape, as you explore.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
The first clue lays out a few basics: the hunt has begun and you should be looking for the Medallion in city parks within the city of Elk River. The hint (found at Elk River Tire & Auto’s website) was helpful, especially on this first-ever Shiver Medallion Hunt, to give everyone a visual for the size and shape of the “Medallion.” To make things a bit more challenging, the clear acrylic Medallion was wrapped in a page of the Star News newspaper before it was placed in the hiding place. By the time it was found, it looked like a piece of old snow.

Clue 2:
Even little kiddos often need help
Involving great heroes while attaining the extraordinary results.

Hint 2:
Primarily, letters matter more today
Than the words they form and what they say.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
You may have made good use of the hint to solve this clue. “Primarily” directs you to the first letter in each word. The first letters spell out ELKONHIGHWATER. This means you should concentrate your search to a park where you can see a water tower with an elk on it. The cryptic clue also makes references to the Boys and Girls Club (kiddos, heroes, extraordinary results), which shares a parking lot at Lions Park.

Clue 3:
Dear medallion seekers, you’ll need for best results to be
Not at Hillside or Woodland Trails, but somewhere between.
Allow the acidic stewing to get into your gourd
It may help lead you to where the prize is securely stored.

Hint 3:
Somewhere between these parks,
Alphabetically speaking, is the mark.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
This day’s clue and hint both suggest that the park name is alphabetically between (H) Hillside and (W) Woodland Trails. Cucumbers are a type of gourd, and vinegar contains acetic acid—combine the two and you get pickles. Lions Park has pickleball courts.

Clue 4:
For location, education is one of the trio.
Thinking of commandments and toes
And also Chief 7 will help as you go.

Hint 4:
Each line it does describe
The boundaries to look inside.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
As the hint tells you, this clue’s three lines define three boundaries of the search area. The medallion is located at the park within this triangle of roads. “Education” refers to School Street; “commandments and toes” come in tens and refer to Highway 10; “Chief 7” is a nod to the 7th Commander-in-Chief, Andrew Jackson, and refers to Jackson Street.

Clue 5:
A storybook finish may be the goal,
Though Dewey’s selection is nothing to extol.
Two and three provide harbor to relax,
A well-struck brassie could reach the tracks.

Hint 5:
Definitions can vary, so don’t fret.
Your reward lies on terra firma; no need to get wet.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
This clue gives you a lot of information. “Storybook” and “Dewey” allude to libraries. (Dewey Decimal is a type of library classification system.) There is a Miniature Library near the parking lot in front of the Boys and Girls Club, about 100 yards from the Medallion’s hidden location. “Two” and “Three” refer to the picnic shelters #2 and #3, which are clearly marked within 50 yards of the Medallion. “Harbor” is another word for shelter. The hint is important here, as it tell you not to read too much into the word “harbor” and to not be led astray by the idea that the Medallion is located in water. “Terra firma” means dry land. Finally, a brassie is a wooden #2 golf club. According to online golf club distance estimators, an average golfer could hit a golf ball between 190-220 yards with a brassie. The Medallion is located in a narrow area approximately 210 yards parallel to the train tracks, on a golf course (disc), at Lions Park.

Clue 6:
Salute and stand tall after parking your car.
Trail left moves you closer than the court does allow.
Chains of five are close to the prize,
But step towards six to solve the guise.

Hint 6:
What’s your sign?
You’re in the right place
If you said mid-August to mid-July.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
This clue begins you giving more specific directions to the Medallion’s secret spot. The flagpole at Lion’s Park is right off the parking lot by the Boys and Girls Club. After that, the clue directs you to take the trail to the left instead of the one that goes past the basketball court. The disc golf basket #5 is made of chains. The Medallion is located about 20 feet past, toward the disc golf Tee #6 sign. The hint alludes to the Zodiac sign for mid-July through mid-August, which is Leo. Leo is the sign of the Lion, which tells you to head to Lions Park if you haven’t figured out which park by now.

Clue 7:
T 6 left-handers would face the prize,
The bush in the grass is where it lies.
A mane of twigs pokes through the snow,
Only a few feet from the mow is where to go.

Hint 7:
Here is the final hint to help with your clues.
Ub 2014, this park was renamed for volunteer J Double U.

Explanation of Clue and Hint:
T 6 (Tee 6) refers to the #6 disc golf tee-off marker. As a left-handed disc golfer, you would set up for your tee-off on #6 directly facing the bush about 20 feet away, where the medallion is hidden. The “mane of twigs” describes the bush and also gives another reference to a lion. Only a few feet into the long grass from the mowed fairway is the bush that hides the medallion at its base. The initials “J.W.” in the final hint refer to John Weicht, the Lions volunteer who spearheaded the Boys and Girls Club as well as the construction of the Lions Park Center. In 2014 Lions Park was officially renamed Lion John Weicht Park by proclamation of the Elk River City Council.

Thanks for hunting, see you next year!


$100 Winner Cathy Dalchow
$100 Winner Cathy Dalchow