Video: Hometown Sound Episode 10 with Josh Clutter

Josh Clutter started playing guitar when he was 10 years old.  

“All my family members did regular things,” Clutter said. “I don’t want to do those regular things, I want to be in a band, go on tour.” Now he is just hoping to get more successful with it.

When Clutter performs, he likes to have a good time. “I like to really engage with the audience, just like we are hanging out in a living room,” he said.

Clutter is working on releasing a new album. He said songwriting helps him clear his head. This past year, Clutter said, he went through some tough times and started songwriting.  

“It would be nice to do this a lot more full time,” Clutter concluded. “My two passions are writing songs and performing, so if that’s all I could do with my life, I’d be happy.”  

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