Video: Hometown Sound Episode 9 with Hunter Fraser

Singer and songwriter Hunter Fraser released his first EP last year titled “Past the Stars.” The album’s focus is Fraser’s “journey of being more fully alive in God, and more of a better person.” Fraser’s goal is to write music based on how he thinks about the world in hopes that the music resonates with his audience. 

At first Fraser was a bit hesitant about entering the Christian music genre. “I don’t need to do Christian music, I can do anything else,” he said. But as he progressed as a musician, he realized he was at a great place in his life to do Christian music. 

His creative process is different every time he writes a song; sometimes he starts singing in the shower and sometimes he starts with the guitar.

Nashville is where Fraser wants to be someday to establish himself as an artist. “If I strike a chord with people, then awesome; if not, well, at least I can say I tried.”

You can check out more about Hunter Fraser at or his Facebook page