Video: Hometown Sound Episode 6 with The Rum River Brass

The Rum River Brass

The Rum River Brass plays “Amazing Grace,” and while they hope the audience thinks it is a sweet sound, they say the best part is having fun performing together as a band. They plays a wide variety of music such as jazz, electric repertoire, pop, ragtime, classical transcriptions, and pop. This quintet has players from the northern part of the Twin Cities and was formed in 2006.  The band has played over 60 performances for events including weddings, concerts out in the park and in local cities and corporate functions. The Rum River Brass became a band when five members from the North Suburban Concert Band were asked to perform brass quintet music for the band’s “Pops”concert.

Scott McCullough plays the trumpet, cornet, and piccolo trumpet. He has been playing the trumpet since elementary school. He was also a member of the University of Michigan Marching Band. McCullough has written many of the quintet’s arrangements and says he doesn’t want to be done playing his instrument anytime soon.

“I said once up a time I don’t want to ever say I used to play the trumpet,” said McCullough.

Ron Chamberlain plays the trumpet and the flugelhorn and comes from a musical family. He began playing with his dad’s band, “Big Stoop,” when he was 13 years old. Now, he is the leader of that band. He also writes many of the arrangements for the Rum River Brass.

  While they are performing they hope the audience knows they are having a good time.

“One of the most appreciated comments we’ve gotten and we get it fairly often is you guys are having a great time up there, you’re having fun, and that’s what this is really all about,” said McCullough.

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