Video: Hometown Sound Episode 5 with The Morning Kings


The Morning Kings

As The Morning Kings sing their original song “The Groove,” they hope to make listeners move with their music. In 2012, they released their first EP called “Sunrise,” which was a collection of songs they say they felt fit them at the time. Now, they hope to mix up the style of music more on their future EP they are working on.

“For the next album, the idea is to kind of push the envelope a little bit more, have it be a bit more dancy, add some funk, electronic sounds in there and just see what can come of it,” said lead singer and guitarist Andrew Barbes.

The Morning Kings’ story began in 2010 in Rochester, Minnesota, when some original members started playing as a band in high school and others met later in  college. Members of The Morning Kings say their ultimate goal is for performing to become a full-time job where they can create the best music possible. When audience members show up to their shows, they say they hope people can forget their worries.

“It’s our job, that time and that moment, to capture them and, like, encompass them into our music,” Barbes said. 

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