Video: Hometown Sound Episode 4 with Betty Rydell

As Betty Rydell steps on stage and yodels, sings country music and gospel, she is all about entertaining and including the audience. Rydell grew up on a small farm in a Czech community near Alexandria, Minnesota. She says she knew she wanted to perform at a young age, as she was yodeling by age 8. While she enjoys singing, she also plays the guitar, trumpet, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele, keyboard, melodica and banjo. In 2011 and 2012, she was named the Best Female Entertainer of the Year in a survey by the Winter Texan Times. She and her husband, Edward Bearse, perform together and recorded the CD called “We Could.” They were honored when it was named “Country Duet of the Year” by the National Traditional Country Music Association in August 2014.

Rydell also sings with her granddaughter Randi Rae, who has appeared with her at Mel Tillis Theatre, Midwest Country and several other places. While Rae does still sing with her grandma, her main musical work is performing in her own band called Midwest Mayhem.

Rydell says being able to perform for people and entertain them is what makes her passionate about her work.