April 24

April 24, 2014
The Sherburne County Board of Commissioners met in a Workshop Session on April 24, 2014 at the Elk River Library in the City of Elk River with all Commissioners present. Call to order by the Chair was at 1:00 p.m.
Leonard/Anderson unanimous to approve the Workshop Agenda for April 24, 2014 as presented.
Steve Taylor, Administrator, provided an overview of the intent of the County-wide Strategic Priorities. Staff provided input in drafting this plan. This is a 1-3 year plan and will evolve over time. The Mission Statement was reviewed and will remain as is at this time; it may be revisited at a later date. The purpose of the document is to assure employees are moving in the same direction and it can be used as a tool for performance evaluations. Five Goals were drafted that will not change. The strategies and work plan under the goals will change and evolve over time. Staff is asking for the Boards direction and guidance. The Goals were listed in no priority order. The Goals and Strategies were reviewed as follows:
1 Promote Healthy, Safe and Livable Communities. Item A Discussion: Make sure Great Northern Trail is the Countys priority surveys were done and residents do want more trails. Also think about trails within parks and make them a priority too. Zoning/Parks Committee is looking at what can be done in parks with less funding. Nancy stated that the County has an opportunity to apply for a grant from the Legacy Funds to construct a roadway in Island View Park. The Board supports the Great Northern Trail and also supports application for grants. The City of Princeton has applied for a grant to pave the Great Northern Trail from the Baldwin Township line to Mark Park in the City limits. Sherburne County supported application for this grant. Explore using the Environmental Educator as a means to survey residents about Sherburne County Parks. An Open House will be scheduled in Baldwin and Livonia Townships to get input from residents about the Great Northern Trail. The information gathered at the open houses will be shared with the Board. Item B Discussion: Sheriff Brott stated Wright County is the back-up PSAP for Sherburne County. The plan is to locate a back-up PSAP within the County at another location. Fiber needs to accomplish a back-up location was discussed. Information Services and Economic Development are currently working on a plan for the fiber installation. J. Hancuch provided an update on the current corrections model and why they want to move to a community corrections model as it would increase efficiencies and be a one delivery system. There is a cost to this. J. went on to explain the current reimbursement from DOC. Sheriff Brott reviewed many programs in which Sherburne County collaborates with surrounding counties, cities and townships to share expenses and avoid duplication of services. These are community outreach programs rather than policing programs. Each Department in Sherburne County develops a COOP plan; these plans are reviewed and updated. The EOC does tabletop exercises or practice drills to ensure plans are feasible in the case of an emergency within the County. County Ordinances will be reviewed to assure they meet the needs of the community. Item C Discussion: Health and Human Services, Probation, and County Attorneys Office work together for better ways to manage and eliminate duplication of services.
2 Encourage Economic Vitality: Item A Discussion: The County has contracted with Springsted to develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan. Steve Taylor and Dan Weber have put a lot of work into this plan along with city and township staff. The Board thanked them for their work on this plan. Updates will be provided to the County Board. Discussion was held concerning using the HRA for sale of county lands. It was noted that the Sherburne County HRA and EDA are not taxing authorities.
3 Enhance and Expand Partnerships While Creating an Informed Public: Item A Discussion: The group discussed designating State Program Aid for specific projects; if the funding doesnt come through, the project will be cancelled. Item B Discussion: Collaborate with cities and townships to share use of hardware and software. The County has formal and informal agreements with cities and townships to share equipment and resources and will continue to pursue opportunities. Item C Discussion: The County website will be updated to a customer focus to allow electronic workflows and on-line forms. Item D Discussion: Solid Waste staff is working with the Sheriff to enhance recycling in the jail as a pilot project. Will expand to other entities such as schools in the future. Zoning is working with Baldwin Township in regards to drainage and septic system issues on small lake lots. Item E Discussion: Gene Graff reviewed outreach efforts to Veterans and their survivors. They have updated the Veterans website to include more information on benefits, have advertised in local newspapers (using state grant funds), attended business expos in the cities within the County, and have a display table of information located by the Auditor/Treasurers Department.
4 Continue to be Fiscally Prudent and Stewards of the Public Trust: Item A Discussion: Focus on long-range financial planning tools. Discussion was held about a centralized asset management tool that will list all County assets/inventory, allow search and sort capability, allow reports, as well as the capability to do depreciation. Item B Discussion: Ensure Health and Human Services are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner, increasing efforts to enhance current and new revenue sources while controlling agency expenses. It was noted that the Maintenance Department does a great job on projects to increase energy conservation such as low voltage lighting. Item C Discussion: The Zoning Department is currently interviewing companies to research a software program for permits. Information services continues to work with departments to use On-Base electronic imaging to reduce paper and to automate manual processes. Item D Discussion: Diane Arnold stated that the Auditor/Treasurers Office plans to conduct a tax forfeited land sale annually. Item E Discussion: Additional information will be added to the budget book so there is more transparency and program information.
Item F Discussion: The County will continue to strive to obtain the Certificate of Excellence for Accounting and a clean State Audit.
5 Foster Organizational Excellence: Item A Discussion: Roxanne Chmielewski noted that the County Benefit package is excellent and noted a comparison with surrounding counties. Item B Discussion: Discussion was held concerning the need for proactive succession planning and cross-training/mentoring to capture knowledge of long term staff. Offer leadership training and management techniques to new supervisors. Work with other counties to offer this training. Item C Discussion: A committee has been formed to look at selection of a software tool to do performance evaluations. Currently performance evaluations are not consistent throughout departments. The target date to implement the new software is 1/1/2015. Item D Discussion: The County has an excellent Health and Wellness Program. Blue Cross Blue Shield provided funding for the program for a three year period. Item E Discussion: The Board has discussed looking at building expansion. A building committee will be formed to review the 2008 plans to understand what we have and where we are going. Sherburne County is the 3rd fastest growing County in the state.
Commissioner Schmiesing stated that he feels a survey should be done of our customers. It is our responsibility to give them the best service. The HHS Department already has a survey in place. Commissioner Riebel suggested that signage within the building be re-evaluated. Steve Taylor stated that he has discussed standardized signage with Kevin Anderson, Building Facilities Director. The Court Bailiff Volunteer Program was mentioned; the volunteers do a good job of getting people to where they need to go on the second floor. Discussion was held about expanding the volunteer program. Commissioner Leonard stated that the County needs to get more publicity out to the general public on how the County saves taxpayer dollars.
Steve Taylor, County Administrator
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