Change approved to townhome plan

The Elk River City Council has approved a request to convert 36 proposed townhome units in the Kliever Lake Fields East development to 22 single-family lots. The building sizes and types will be similar to Kliever Lakes Field 4th Addition, which was approved in 2013 and converted 42 proposed townhome units into 21 detached single-family townhomes near 181st Avenue and Fillmore Street.

The change was requested by Tim Pomerleau of Meadow Creek Builders.

In a memo to the city, Pomerleau said the row townhomes originally proposed are still not viable to build new.

“Since the housing market crash starting several years ago, the market for this type of unit has suffered greatly,” Pomerleau wrote. “There are still townhome foreclosures in the area that are selling for well below what we could build them for brand new.”