2014 activities recommendation highlights

Middle school sports

It’s recommended that middle school sports, which were cut in 1998, continue to be supported and fostered through activities provided by Community Education. Facility and district budget concerns in Rogers and Elk River would need to be addressed with the addition of middle school sports in those schools.

Middle School Sports were cut in 1998.
Middle School Sports were cut in 1998.


Booster clubs

The recommendation is to create a booster club guideline document for all boosters to use.

The district currently relies on booster clubs to provide basic programming. With the current model the inherent danger of overstepping roles is becoming detrimental to the basic functions that coaches perform.


Adapted athletics

It’s recommended to add adapted athletics to the Elk River Area School District by the 2016-2017 school year.

The Elk River Area School District does not offered adapted athletics for students with disabilities.
The Elk River Area School District does not offered adapted athletics for students with disabilities.

Within the Northwest Suburban Conference, districts will form co-ops together to give these students opportunities.

Anoka-Hennepin (five schools) is one team, Osseo-Maple Grove (three schools) is one team, Robbinsdale (two schools) is a team and Centennial  co-ops with Spring Lake Park to form a team.  There are no conference schedules for these teams. They they pick up games and matches around the metro.

District 728 recommends starting with adapted bowling as interest in adapted sports is gauged and as organizers struggle with indoor gym space. The home alley would be the newly re-opening bowling alley in Zimmerman.


Supply budgets,  

equipment, uniforms

It’s recommended the district increase its supply and capital budgets by 30-50 percent at each school.


Facilities plan 

and adequacy

Coordinate long-range facility goals with Alternate Facility Plan. New facility priorities for each school are as follows:

Elk River — Artificial turf and more court space (along with renovations to aging facilities).

Rogers — Auditorium, tennis courts and cold storage.

Zimmerman — Auditorium, baseball stadium, expand stadium bleachers and expand indoor storage areas.


Coaches staff   


It’s recommended the district dedicate $2,000 annually per school for continuing education for coaches.



buses, vans

It’s recommended Elk River and Rogers have two vans each and Zimmerman one van.


Adding, cutting coaches

It’s recommended the district continue its current practice of discussions with the director of business to determine adding or cutting activities.


Auditorium, theater

It’s recommended that there be an addition of an auditorium to Rogers and Zimmerman high schools and a budget is also added to run the auditoriums.


Fine arts, speech

Double the current allocated budgets for speech, drama and Knowledge Bowl. These programs have been underfunded for several years.





Co-op shuttle busing

There are transportation concerns for Zimmerman High School and Rogers High School students getting to Elk River High School for the activities where a co-op exists (swimming, gymnastics, soccer, Nordic ski,  lacrosse, hockey, tennis, robotics, girls golf). Parents and students currently drive to Elk River for practice and contests. Further discussion will be required on providing a one-way shuttle to Elk River after school from Rogers and Zimmerman.